It’s fun to be in the W.C.P.I.

The Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative was recently set up by those crazy folks over at Warhammer Alliance. It’s a natural progression from the Age of Blogging and helps WAR community sites and bloggers by exposing them to a wider, or different audience, with the help of a little cross-promotion. I’ll add the category WCPI to the blog, so you’ll be fairly clear when there is a WCPI post. But truthfully, I’ll only be focusing on things I’d probably have linked to anyway in one of my little linky updates!

So, to kick it all off, what do I want to bring to your attention this week?

Well, I thought I’d start with a blog I’ve literally just discovered: Grace of Sigmar.

Ahisma plays a T3 (soon to be T4) Warrior Priest on the Praag server, and only started blogging this month, so totally deserves a bit of a spotlight for only just missing the Age of Blogging. Of recent articles, I found his thoughts on scenarios made me think, because I haven’t done that many scenarios for a while. And I agree, joining ‘in progress’ scenarios truly sucks.

Head on over and give him a big welcome to the Warhammer community! I’ll put a link in here also. And keep an eye out for all WCPI blogs and community sites. It’s a fun and inclusive initiative and always on the lookout for more members (if interested, check out WHA, or leave a comment here).

You crazy bloggers, you!

Have added another ton of links of new WAR blogs from the Age of Blogging initiative.

It’s really what you should spend your sunday doing, go through all the links here and marvel at the wealth of talent, humour, opinion and general all-round bloggy goodness that’s on show here. And remember, it’s not too late to create your own WAR blog and join the gang over at Blog Warhammer.

I’ll be adding them all to my feed reader, and reading them regularly so I can point out any interesting stuff I read there, either here or on my more personal blog: Nerf the Cat!

Quick link overhaul

The Age of Blogging carries on at a quick pace, and we’re only mid-January, so remember you have tons of time left to go create a blog a blog about Warhammer and join in our little party, which you should. Blogging about WAR gets you more cookies, honest! Or it does in my house (which you have to come visit to claim said cookies, so I think I’m safe!).

I decided it was time to bite the bullet and do the first overhaul of the blogroll. It’s meant taking off a couple of forums so I can plug in all these new, shiny blogs. I’ll be checking in on them and adding them to my feed reader, and hopefully by the end of March the blogroll will remain as long as it is. It’s great to see some German-language blogs out there, as well as some more European-focussed ones, so keep it up!!!

Disclaimer: if you feel I missed you out, it’s because I had to add over 30 links, and it’s sunday morning. Just ping me in the comments and I will add you to the blogroll.