Dwarf Lore (some links)

A Dwarf army is like a well-crafted mail shirt; each warrior is an iron-hard link, knitted together by duty, honour and loyalty. And, like a mail shirt, never a blow shall pass them as long as all the links remain strong.” – Dwarf Saying

They’re small! They’re round! They bounce along the ground! – Idris

We love dwarfs here and Games Workshop have given us 20+ years worth of background on our favourite Warhammer race. They’re long lived, honourable folk of the mountains who love gold, beer, and a good fight. Steadfast allies and implacable foes who never EVER forget a grudge (and boy do they have a lot of grudges), you do not want to get on their bad side.

So we’ll be writing some more about the short beardy guys and gals when we get a chance, but first let’s see what the best of the web has to offer.

Warhammer: Dwarfs from Games Workshop Online

Dwarfs from the Warhammer Online homepage

A basic roleplayer’s guide to the relentless dwarfs from the Warhammer Online Vault

The Big Thread of Dwarfen Lore from Warhammer Alliance forums (lots of nerdrage in this thread for added drama)

Dwarfs from the HammerWiki

Getting to grips with the setting

I’ve not read any Warhammer books, I’ve never played the RPG. So why the hell do I crave the game so much?

Well, I started roleplaying in my teens (a looong time ago), I started online roleplaying in the early 90s with MUSHes, I started MMO-ing with DAoC and progressed through WoW and LotRO. I miss stuff about DAoC and I have a fair amount of trust in Mythic to make a great game. If Imperator was on the cards, I’d probably have tried that too. I kind of like PvP, especially in the Realm vs Realm scenario where you have an in-built sense of loyalty to your side. And, most of all, I have a small group of friends intending to go play WAR, so I’ll be joining them there on the Order side.

I’ve read plenty about the quests, the classes, the city sieges, the tome of knowledge.. but I’ve yet to crack the actual background and setting of the game. So, because we have some time before open beta and any chance to really get a hands-on look at the game, I thought I’d spend some time reading the lore.

I’ll be reading through the links on this page on Warhammer Alliance forums, and this page from the official WAR site. And, of course, I’ll be sharing my views.