A big welcome!

Without further ado, we’d like to extend a big, warm, tea-filled welcome to Hawley, who’s going to be joining us in this blogging lark to add another point of view and to help keep the posts flowing as we all start losing part of our lives to… some game or other…

Have changed joint authorship posts to ‘book of grudges’ to reflect the addition to the team!

You may have noticed..

..but there’s a lot of news snippets here, and less kind of opiniony things. I’m sure many of you can guess why this is. Yes, we’re trying to get prepared for the NDA lift, whether it comes this week, next week, or whenever.

There’s still some general articles in the pipeline that don’t rely on in-game info, it’s just that there’s also a lot of news to get to grips with. Has anyone not been a little confused over the US or EU CB/OB/PW/SE etc etc? (even the acronyms get confusing!). That means whenever we spot a clarification, we want to share it. But like I said, we’re mostly going to focus in on what is happening for EU players.

So, we’ll write what we write, and carry on preparing in the background! In the meantime, here’s some general links plucked from our ‘in-progress’ links post:

Classygamer takes a look at the history of Warhammer Online’s development since it’s been with Mythic and concludes that the recent cuts actually still leave us with a ton more game than we could have had.

First pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia have started to emerge. Thanks to Just Jared for this excuse to post shirtless male pics! And hey, because I’m feeling kind, here’s the new Lara Croft model.

Origin Museum Curator Joe Garrity and a team of dedicated fans have just completed their trawl through 1 terabyte of data held at Mythic. Sounds like they found some fun stuff!

Living with the NDA

As you can probably guess from the subject line, we’re playing the beta at the moment. (OK, not precisely at this moment, although I may try to write a blog post next time we’re in game and see how long it takes Arb to notice.)

I have a much better understanding now of why some of the other guys in beta have been chafeing at the NDA. I haven’t cancelled my pre-order and I’m looking forwards to playing the game when it goes live, not that kind of frustration. Just that I have to think twice about every post in case I accidentally mention which class I’m enjoying or some other detail which doesn’t quite fall under the restriction of, “There’s a beta. And I’m in it.”

I’m sure you all feel our pain. It’ll be over soon.

But there are some practical issues in guild also. People getting over-excited and needing their posts moderated (I do this, the screwing up on posts bit not the moderation — sorry about that.) Can’t use the guild forums to discuss the beta, even to organise when we’re going to meet up. However, if you check out the latest Guild Highlight from Mythic you will spot a tab labelled Calendar. Without distressing the NDA, I’ll merely comment that since this is /guild/ beta you can judge for yourself what might be under test.

As far as this blog goes, you may have noticed that we’ve been relying more on filler recently. Not that it isn’t all astounding quality and of terrific interest! Just we’re a bit more cautious now about writing WAR specific posts. I’ve also been referring more to examples from other games in what I’ve written recently. There is, by the way, some cool stuff coming up later this week. I mean apart from the July newsletter.

The other reason we’ve been a bit quiet here is that we’re actually playing more. So getting more into the swing of blogging and playing a game, rather than mostly blogging (or chatting about the blog). If you look at things that way, it’s pretty good practice for us 🙂

When the NDA comes down, we will of course share our thoughts. Extensively. And that will likely include information and suggestions that other open beta players might find helpful. We’re not planning to write guides and there are two … no make that three … main reasons for that:

1/ What’s the point in writing a guide where a lot of things might still change before the game goes live? It can’t take long to drop in some extra quests, adjust the levelling curve, or tweak the stats on some loot if Mythic decide to change things. So guides require a certain amount of upkeep.

2/ I’m very much an explorer type, and I’m really not keen to ruin the fun for people of finding things out for themselves. Sure, if the in game instructions are obscure or non-existent then guides are a great idea. But really, anything we can find out in a week or two of playing doesn’t need a guide written about it. I seriously don’t understand why anyone would ever need a guide to level from 1-10.

3/ Other people will be writing awesome guides, drawing maps, and producing amazing WAR related websites. Why reinvent the wheel? We’ll link to the ones we like best, and if we don’t like them we’ll let you know why.

Meanwhile, we’ll be blogging …

Sad and happy news

In sad news, War Noob has decided to call it a day on blogging. We enjoyed it while it lasted and wish him all the best for the future.

In happy news, Syp over at Waaagh is challenging us all to a competition to keep us busy until the end of July. It’s a photo comp, so head on over and check out the rules.