Links! Is it links you’re looking for?

The timer is ticking and people are starting to think about their plans for guilds. There are a couple of guilds connected with bloggers (and blog readers), both US based. So check out Casualties of War for a Core RvR based guild, or Keen’s Happy Fun Guyz guild for an Open RvR one.

Twist-It Logic ponders why the majority of people on the Casualties of War forum have a preference for Order, a change from previous polls on other forums.

The Cogworks is thinking up some mottos for the different classes. Wizards and Wenches has a few suggestions also.

Syp@Waaagh discusses how people choose between Core or Open servers, and why there’s so much name-calling involved. Snafzg@The Greenskin is still deciding – or, has decided!

Waaagh also has some suggestions for new WAR bloggers.

Sales Predictions are another big topic. Tobold kicks it off with a guess of between 1-2 million sales this year. /random explains why he goes for the lower bound of 1 million sales. Syncaine guesses higher at 1.5 million. Stropp gives a detailed explanation of why he estimates between 1.5-2.6mil sold by the end of 2008. Fuel for you guys, Paul says there’s been 130k pre-orders (and that the game is going gold next week!)

Elsewhere, Iain C makes us jealous with his notes and pics from Campus Party in Valencia, Spain. I note the availability ot T-shirts, and consider this a moment. I love T-shirts!

And the info continues to trickle in from websites given the opportunity to report before the NDA is lifted. Here’s Massively on the first Dark Elf quest (spoiler alert). And Ten Ton Hammer on Rune Priest masteries (no new info) and the Squig Herder ones (I don’t think this is very new either, sadly). However, Ten Ton Hammer has written a short update on Ekrund, the dwarf starting zone which is more interesting than the class overviews.

Warhammer Herald news – North Americans and the Oceanic people (not from Lost!) can now go enter their codes. It seems not only the CE people there, but also the first 50,000 SE people can get access to the preview weekend, of which we’ve heard a little. I’m wondering if Mythic realises how confused some of this has been, and when we’ll hear from GOA what’s up with our codes and stuff. Ah yes, they do realise it’s confusing!

And talking of news from official sites – if you’re in Europe (well, UK, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden)and you get MTV, you might catch some teasers of the new Warhammer cinematic. Here’s dates and times. Or you can wait until after Leipzig’s Game Convention and see the whole thing!

More on the Simon Parkin/Paul Barnett conversation that we linked to in our last links, less of a war of words now, more an exchange of ideas. Always good to read Paul’s thoughts though.

And, finally, we’ve all read about the Blizzcon ticketing nightmare (too many people wanted tickets, the site couldn’t handle it, it was a bit of a PR mess), well.. wasn’t going to mention it, but Joystiq’s use of the Wrath of the Ticke-Ting deserves a mention!. Oh, and while on the subject of World of Warcraft – was it hacked?


Links, Lola, Links

Games Workshop is posting weekly information drops about Games Day in the run up to the event on September 14th. We’ll be keeping an eye on these for any tasty morsels!

Elite IV is in development! Am I the only person who thinks this is more exciting than Star Trek Online and KOTOR Online put together?

Just when you thought we were done with E3 articles, playboy weighs in with How to Sound Knowledgeable about E3. Now why couldn’t they have written that before E3, so we could have sounded all knowledgeable like?

Stratics has posted the entire Comic-Con presentation that Paul gave – it’s 45 mins, so make sure you block the time to watch it.

Blizzard plans to track achievements across Diablo III, Starcraft II, AND WoW. And as another snippet to people wondering how their achievements will work:

The Achievements planned for the “WoW” are now character-specific, but Kaplan hopes to add account-specific “WoW” Achievements in the first content patch for “Lich King.”

Simon Parkin at Gamasutra summarises Paul Barnett’s talk from Develop Online as 11 lessons he has learned from Warhammer Online.

We’ve been inspirational. No, seriously. Sit down, we have! First Champions of Stuff have provided us with an awesome Dress-Your-Own Paul Barnett (here’s my own effort, helpfully disguising my wi-fi aerial). And one of of comment-writers, cb, has written us a song to show what WAR could have learned from Mamma Mia.

Rush over to The Vault and check out their Basic Tips for Zerglings. Here’s mine: MOVE OUT OF THE FIRE!

JoBIldo is recruiting for a guild made up of bloggers and blogfriends (my word of the day). It’ll be US-based so we won’t be there, but doesn’t mean we can’t pimp it. (From an original idea Boathammer had)

Nothing to do with us, but there is now a White Lion blog! Welcome.

Hasbro had Scrabulous removed from Facebook and users arent’ happy. I would say “Suck it, Facebook users. If you can’t understand what copyright means then you don’t deserve to play games.” And James Wallis agrees. Random Battle on the other hand thinks it was lame of Hasbro to close it down. We have conflicting reports as to whether it is back now, so maybe they cut a deal or found a loophole.


Paul Barnett clarifies his recent speech at Develop, Brighton over at his blog.