Syp moves on

The biggest name in  WAR blogging is leaving behind his Waaagh blog and moving to a more general gaming blog at Bio Break. I know how he feels on any number of levels and wish him all the best in his new blog, which I always enjoy reading anyway!)

Really, I know from experience it’s not easy to close a blog, especially one that has a bit of a name for itself. And I know the draw to talk about more than one game, which is specifically why Spinks moved to Spinksville and I mostly moved to Nerf the Cat (but bizarrely Book of Grudges came back for the Age of Blogging month and hasn’t quite died again.. yet!).

Syp has always been a great supporter of blogs, blogging and the community. When he left us one of our first comments, we were really touched that someone so big had found our little experiment. And his support helped us to keep going, so while Waaagh will be missed, I look forward to continuing to read his work over at Bio Break.

It’s fun to be in the W.C.P.I.

The Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative was recently set up by those crazy folks over at Warhammer Alliance. It’s a natural progression from the Age of Blogging and helps WAR community sites and bloggers by exposing them to a wider, or different audience, with the help of a little cross-promotion. I’ll add the category WCPI to the blog, so you’ll be fairly clear when there is a WCPI post. But truthfully, I’ll only be focusing on things I’d probably have linked to anyway in one of my little linky updates!

So, to kick it all off, what do I want to bring to your attention this week?

Well, I thought I’d start with a blog I’ve literally just discovered: Grace of Sigmar.

Ahisma plays a T3 (soon to be T4) Warrior Priest on the Praag server, and only started blogging this month, so totally deserves a bit of a spotlight for only just missing the Age of Blogging. Of recent articles, I found his thoughts on scenarios made me think, because I haven’t done that many scenarios for a while. And I agree, joining ‘in progress’ scenarios truly sucks.

Head on over and give him a big welcome to the Warhammer community! I’ll put a link in here also. And keep an eye out for all WCPI blogs and community sites. It’s a fun and inclusive initiative and always on the lookout for more members (if interested, check out WHA, or leave a comment here).

Where we’re at

First of all, thanks for all the kind words about the blog. We always had a blast writing it. So much so that we couldn’t really just let it rest. In fact, we’ve started some individual blogs that have a wider context than Warhammer Online (Spinksville and Nerf the Cat).

However, that doesn’t mean Book of Grudges is quite ready to rest its weary head yet, and that’s all to do with how many of you have kept stopping by and looking to see if we’re back and writing again. But, the focus is going to change a little.

Instead of opinion pieces, we’re intending to write a lot less regularly and concern ourselves more with the European community of Warhammer Online – where we originally intended the blog to focus, perhaps. So expect comments about what’s going on in Europe a little more, and less on the game in general (though I expect our personal blogs will be more opinion and less community stuff).

And to that end, we’d welcome any submissions, any news tidbits from guilds, recruitment stuff, bragging about oRvR – anything really that reflects what’s going on amongst the European community for Warhammer Online. Pass the message on, I’ll post on a couple of forums and let’s see if we can kick this off!

ps. if there’s anyone out there playing WAR in Europe who’d like to contribute to the writing of the blog, let us know, using the email address in contact details! We promise to check it at least every couple of days!!

pps. it’ll take a little while to do things like clearing up the blogroll and making a start on this new endeavour, so be patient 🙂

Why blog?

It may not have escaped some people’s notice that I’ve been a bit down recently. Some of it is the lull in play, though I’ve managed to get in some LotRO with friends. Some of it is the evil that is real life – let’s not talk about that one, and some of it is just general grump. We all have that in us.

And it’s made me a bit quieter than normal. This morning, I’m contemplative. I remember that only a few days ago I emailed back my answers to The Order of Destruction about blogging and Warhammer. And it reminded me of something I wanted to say. Right now, days before open beta, not long before the headstart and the launch.

By the time the game launches, Book of Grudges will be 4 months old. It’s been quite a time for us.

And I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s stopped by, commented, linked to us, emailed and made us feel part of the community. I’d name specific names, but really there are too many, and that’s pretty astounding in and of itself. It’s definitely been a novel and enjoyable experience for all of us (I’ll include Hawley in this, even though he’s a relative newcomer, I know he’s pretty blown away by it all).

And that’s not why we started blogging. But it’s why we continue to.

I guess I’m really taking a moment out of my grump to say:

We love you guys, and thanks!

A week in IM chats

Starting what might become a regular insight into our lives and conversations, I bring you a summary of some of our IM chats over the past couple of weeks. It’s only from two separate days, so hopefully in the future there will be more diversity!

(6:16:32 AM) Spinks: btw, can you talk to tupp when you come down and explain that pillows are not for cats
(6:16:46 AM) Arbitrary: but but.. they are!
(6:17:02 AM) Spinks: bad influence!

(6:36:36 AM) Spinks: yeah, you saw my draft?
(6:37:09 AM) Arbitrary: I saw there WAS a draft ;p

(7:02:16 AM) Arbitrary: might have to make level 31 chars, strip them and screenshot their breasts. For sunday, ofc.
(7:03:37 AM) Spinks: I have a screenie of my level 1 engineer with her bodice if that helps
(7:04:23 AM) Arbitrary: I have that one I think, but if I do 1 at level 1 – I need to do them all at that :-/
(7:06:26 AM) Spinks: depends if you want to do a proper comparison or just ‘hey, look at these boobs!’ 🙂

(7:49:23 AM) Arbitrary: what should I have as a header for Wardb?
(7:49:55 AM) Arbitrary: i have ‘useful stuff’
(7:49:55 AM) Spinks: Um, maybe tools?
(7:50:00 AM) Arbitrary: ah, that’s better ;p

(8:17:37 AM) Spinks: Can you check mamma mia post?
(8:21:58 AM) Arbitrary: I just wonder if the title fully suits it
(8:22:59 AM) Arbitrary: From ABBA to WAR?
(8:23:06 AM) Spinks: Haha, I like that one
(8:23:17 AM) Arbitrary: I feel bad picking on the title, tbh 🙂
(8:23:50 AM) Arbitrary: *goes back to screenshotting breasts*

(9:38:18 AM) Arbitrary: Ha ha, I was originally going to call it ‘final days of freedom’ 🙂 You were just pondering the trez vs freebies ;p
(9:39:16 AM) Hawley: I thought that was a lovely point to raise. I am still wondering which is better. The warm glow of epixxx, or the warming sensation in my tummy that only a blagged t-shirt can provide…
(9:39:42 AM) Arbitrary: best would be a FREE bit of trez, ofc
(9:39:56 AM) Hawley: Or a Trez T-shirt?
(9:40:29 AM) Arbitrary: I would love a T-shirt that said ‘Broken armour, repairs into the following item – 1 T -shirt’

(10:07:47 AM) Hawley: I worked there for three years on commute, so it’s not a bad place, and not scary.
(10:08:01 AM) Arbitrary: not TOO scary 🙂 Everywhere is scary
(10:08:59 AM) Hawley: Nah, as long as you know where *not* to go…
(10:09:16 AM) Arbitrary: out the house!

(6:25:51 AM) Arbitrary: I didn’t even look at macros in WAR. I guess I will. Oh, you’ll be amused.. I found a thread whining that AM’s were better healers than RPs 🙂
(6:26:16 AM) Arbitrary: Have therefore decided all number crunching is horrible and players whine a lot!
(6:26:26 AM) Spinks: I really think no one honestly knows. But everyone feels a bit defensive.
(6:26:40 AM) Arbitrary: yeah, I can see why, but there’s so many variables with tactics and masteries
(6:26:41 AM) Spinks: So much whining that RPs do more damage though. But all based on theory.

(6:30:46 AM) Spinks: One of the big difficulties with comparisons is figuring out how to work the mechanic in too.
(6:31:07 AM) Spinks: I do think that AM damage isn’t really high enough. The dps tree felt like the most useless to me.
(6:31:12 AM) Arbitrary: yeah, I just don’t like the comparisons. To me the only thing we need to know about a healing class is – can they solo heal a group

(7:14:23 AM) Arbitrary: Larky licking my toast plate. No food on it, she just wanted to lick it
(7:14:41 AM) Spinks: tupp sulking cos of not being fed yet
(7:15:32 AM) Arbitrary: she just attacked Paul Barnett and won
(7:15:37 AM) Spinks: Awww

(9:32:34 AM) Arbitrary: why do people even have to consider ‘hardest/easiest classes to play’ – just the thread title depresses me
(9:33:19 AM) Arbitrary: yay RP is easy apparently 🙂
(9:33:25 AM) Spinks: :p
(9:33:55 AM) Spinks: Actually, I think I prefer that to ‘which is the best healer’. Cos if you have a friend or partner who wants to play you might want to know which the easier classes are
(9:34:12 AM) Spinks: (And as we all know, the best healer is the one who actually heals you !)

(9:36:10 AM) Arbitrary: Well, just read a thread that said AM and RP are best together 🙂
(9:36:23 AM) Spinks: works for me

(10:06:13 AM) Arbitrary: cappucino twix. YUM!
(10:06:39 AM) Spinks: oo, sounds nice!

(10:36:33 AM) Spinks:
(10:36:47 AM) Spinks: is it bad if I want my photo taken with a bird of prey?
(10:36:59 AM) Arbitrary: No!
(10:37:07 AM) Arbitrary: it’s imperative
(10:37:18 AM) Spinks: Thats the best thing EVER! I love falcons, but will need a camera

(10:52:50 AM) Arbitrary: husband watching vids on how to make a jetpack!
(10:53:33 AM) Spinks: woah
(10:54:13 AM) Arbitrary: I worry sometimes
(10:54:43 AM) Spinks: Worry when he starts testing a cat size version
(10:56:23 AM) Arbitrary: ha ha
(10:56:40 AM) Arbitrary: I’m so copying this conversation