Where will Kaja go?

Burlok is dead, its remains smouldering in ashes. Kaja the dwarven Rune Priest stands ‘tall’ and looks around. She has a choice of new homes, aside from Karak-Azgal where the evil Ailil bounces on her disk.

Ok, I’ll prob move her to Karak Eight Peaks on monday. No idea what the new guild is doing, but these days I’m more of a soloer. And it sounded like a fun server on saturday.

RP server closures are sad to me, because they offer something that you just don’t find elsewhere. But WAR demands on numbers, and equality. And the numbers are so LOW on the RP servers, that these moves are inevitable. And wherever I go, I’ll be using Flimgoblin’s awesome new RP addon.

Hrrm, the move is on the same day my 6-month sub runs out. I was going to take a few weeks break from the game and then continue playing and move any new WAR commentary to my more general blog: Nerf the Cat. Yes folks, after a new breath of life for the Age of Blogging, the Book of Grudges is most definitely coming to an end.

It shows how things have progressed in 7  months. I’ve gone from uber-excited about every announcement, to slightly cynical and needing proof of things. I gave up on end-game and enjoyed the simplicity of tiers 1 and 2, and could play those all the time! I look forward to the Land of the Dead ‘expansion’ stuff. But I miss my guild, my friends, my server – and let’s face it, Book of Grudges is in no way as good as it was when I shared duties with Spinks and Hawley.

I am determined to keep an eye on WAR, I hope I enjoy my new server when I get back to playing there. It’s going to be a bit weird to make sure my friends (whose subs have run out) get to the same server. I’m not even sure it’s possible, so that will be seriously upsetting for all of us. I even got some great ideas for WAR blog posts at the pub gathering over the weekend. Those posts will be on Nerf the Cat, however. Not here.

Thanks to all for reading, commenting, visiting and keeping us in the feed-reader! It’s definitely appreciated.

Book of Grudges vs. Book of Kells

Which is better? There’s only one way to find out… (channeling Harry Hill there)!

We’re off to Dublin in March. Just overnight and to meet up with GOA and Ardua from Echoes of Nonsense. Of course, it would be remiss not to organise a get-together while in Dublin, especially as the poll indicates at least a few people would be interested in that location. So, free up 9th March in your calendars, assume it’ll be in the evening and come help Arbitrary celebrate her birthday while talking all things WAR.

Spread the word. Details of pubs, etc coming much closer to the date, as we get advice from Ardua and GOA!

Where we’re at

First of all, thanks for all the kind words about the blog. We always had a blast writing it. So much so that we couldn’t really just let it rest. In fact, we’ve started some individual blogs that have a wider context than Warhammer Online (Spinksville and Nerf the Cat).

However, that doesn’t mean Book of Grudges is quite ready to rest its weary head yet, and that’s all to do with how many of you have kept stopping by and looking to see if we’re back and writing again. But, the focus is going to change a little.

Instead of opinion pieces, we’re intending to write a lot less regularly and concern ourselves more with the European community of Warhammer Online – where we originally intended the blog to focus, perhaps. So expect comments about what’s going on in Europe a little more, and less on the game in general (though I expect our personal blogs will be more opinion and less community stuff).

And to that end, we’d welcome any submissions, any news tidbits from guilds, recruitment stuff, bragging about oRvR – anything really that reflects what’s going on amongst the European community for Warhammer Online. Pass the message on, I’ll post on a couple of forums and let’s see if we can kick this off!

ps. if there’s anyone out there playing WAR in Europe who’d like to contribute to the writing of the blog, let us know, using the email address in contact details! We promise to check it at least every couple of days!!

pps. it’ll take a little while to do things like clearing up the blogroll and making a start on this new endeavour, so be patient 🙂

500th post – let’s make it a doozie!

And this is officially our 500th post. It’s been a riot, and a bit of a roller-coaster, from something that started as a little side project and very quickly escalated into being a whole lot more. We’ve loved learning a bit about blogging, the people we’ve met through it and the connections we’ve made. It’s really felt like we were part of a wider community.

And that’s why the next bit is going to be hard to write.

First, let’s get some facts out the way:

  • Spinks and I are both married women, we have houses to semi-run, cats to look after, husbands to spend time with and other RL stuff on our minds
  • We dual-play MMOs
  • Spinks plays WAR and WoW, she’s tied up with Lich King, but has a 6 month sub to WAR and fully intends to keep playing
  • I play LotRO and WAR, I have a more regimented schedule to keep me playing both games – with certain days marked for WAR
  • Hawley just started a new full-time job and had to move house, deal with that and take on WAR and blogging at the same time
  • Blogging isn’t as quick and easy as it sometimes seems to be! It takes away from core gaming time, not from work time, or household time, or partner time – it directly (for me, anyway) takes me away from a game I want to play
  • I’m on holiday for 2 weeks at the start of December and come back to working fulltime over Xmas to cover for staff that want holidays – so I’m effectively unavailable to blog all of December

And here you may see where this is going. We’re taking a break from blogging. We love WAR and we still find open RVR awesome in the game, especially as our server, Burlok, has thriving T3/T4 RvR action. It’s not hard to drop in each night and find some fighting going on, if that’s what we feel like. But we also have new expansions to tackle with friends, ones where we don’t want to drop too far behind the curve and which we’re enjoying as well.

I once said in Tobold’s comments that when we stopped writing about WAR, I’d wrap up Book of Grudges. We knew that when we decided on the name. We weren’t lured in by hype and now hating the game. In fact, on the flipside, we enjoy gaming too much to want to stop and blog. Seriously.

I know there’s negativity out there. We’ve not been 100% positive on the levelling curve and some of the changes (like stupid ward armour and the need to do dull dungeons over and over so we can go do fun RvR stuff), but the game does deliver fun RvR and for that we will be continuing with it.

I’m sure we’ll still be reading and commenting on others’ blogs. Who knows, one or other of us may pop up elsewhere. I’m still trying to persuade Spinks to do a more general gaming blog cos I know we’d all like to read that!

Anyway, as of 1st December, Book of Grudges, as an updated blog, will be no more. We’d rather bring it to a dignified close than try and keep up with it and watch the quality (that we feel it has) dissipate.

Thanks for ALL the comments, emails, links and just for making us feel so welcome. Thanks also to Mythic for the game and to GOA for the support, even when we were being critical.

The blog will stay up, in entirety and we’ll still check the email box for it, so if you feel the need to contact any of us, that’s how to do it and we’ll reply with our personal email addresses so contact is a bit more speedy!

Find us in-game

Spinks is Lin the Archmage

Arbitrary is Kaja the Rune Priest

Hawley is Hawley the slacker Warrior Priest

We’re in the Insult to Injury guild on Burlok EU RP server. And you are welcome to bug us, send us treats, kill us horribly… as takes your fancy.

I’ve only mentioned our main chars here, as we’re still working out alts and stuff, but anyway I imagine we’ll mostly start by writing about our mains.

We’ve set up a Book of Grudges chat channel and we hope to arrange some server events through this.

ps. for Games Day

Have decided to twitter our trip to Games Day and have just set it all up to take twitters from my mobile, so hopefully there will be good reception there! Not sure what kind of stuff I’ll have to say except ‘whee, big tank battle’, but if you want to follow it, the twitter is bookofgrudges. Who knows, we might be able to persuade random people there to steal my phone and send messages! (seriously, do not steal my phone!)

If there are no updates after 10am UK time, you know the NEC is somehow getting in the way of my mobile phone. We might pay for some wifi access – but since it’s something like £5/hr we’re more likely to make you wait till we’re home that evening (I’m staying with Spinks for the Games Day experience!).

Don’t forget to bring your Games Day I-Spy along, I’ll be bringing a copy amended for me & Spinks (we get quarter points if we meet someone who’s read the blog!). It’s had some tweaks since I originally made it up, mostly to reflect the fact we know Paul Barnett will be there, but probably not any other Mythic types.. and Iain C and Magnus are unable to attend due to the headstart launch, so have changed it to generic-GOA staff. Also a generic 20 points for grumbling you’re missing the headstart launch!

  • Will we get skaven skin cloak codes like the US Games Days? Hope so!
  • Will we go gawk at the huge tank? Definitely!
  • Will we be happy to chat to anyone despite our nerves? Yes, though forgive us if we seem a little nervous, we’re used to this cloak of anonymity we won.

I’d suggest a big meet-up sometime, but honestly – we’ll be at the GOA booth, am sure you all will be too!

And, here’s the GOA press release about the Games Day presence as an added bonus:

GOA today announced that they will be bringing the highly anticipated MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR), to Games Workshop’s annual Games Day on September 14th, 10am-4pm at Birmingham’s NEC Arena.

GOA will present Warhammer Online on 24 PC’s, guaranteeing hours of non-stop Realm vs. Realm action for legions of attending Games Workshop enthusiasts.

WAR’s Creative Director, Paul Barnett, will also be on hand to meet fans and speak with press as GOA publicly presents the game one final time before its global launch on the Day of Reckoning – 18th September.

A big welcome!

Without further ado, we’d like to extend a big, warm, tea-filled welcome to Hawley, who’s going to be joining us in this blogging lark to add another point of view and to help keep the posts flowing as we all start losing part of our lives to… some game or other…

Have changed joint authorship posts to ‘book of grudges’ to reflect the addition to the team!

You may have noticed..

..but there’s a lot of news snippets here, and less kind of opiniony things. I’m sure many of you can guess why this is. Yes, we’re trying to get prepared for the NDA lift, whether it comes this week, next week, or whenever.

There’s still some general articles in the pipeline that don’t rely on in-game info, it’s just that there’s also a lot of news to get to grips with. Has anyone not been a little confused over the US or EU CB/OB/PW/SE etc etc? (even the acronyms get confusing!). That means whenever we spot a clarification, we want to share it. But like I said, we’re mostly going to focus in on what is happening for EU players.

So, we’ll write what we write, and carry on preparing in the background! In the meantime, here’s some general links plucked from our ‘in-progress’ links post:

Classygamer takes a look at the history of Warhammer Online’s development since it’s been with Mythic and concludes that the recent cuts actually still leave us with a ton more game than we could have had.

First pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia have started to emerge. Thanks to Just Jared for this excuse to post shirtless male pics! And hey, because I’m feeling kind, here’s the new Lara Croft model.

Origin Museum Curator Joe Garrity and a team of dedicated fans have just completed their trawl through 1 terabyte of data held at Mythic. Sounds like they found some fun stuff!