You thought the cinematic was cool?

I was going to leave this till our next links post, but honestly – I just want to share it with you all now. If you enjoyed the most recent WAR cinematic (and who didn’t?), then you might be interested in this thread over at ZBrushCentral. Some of the artists involved with the cinematic present their pictures of their rendered work here and honestly, it’s breathtakingly fabulous. Make sure you check each page of the thread, as you  get to see many of the characters used in the cinematic in incredible detail.


Sir Links-a-lot

Leipzig Links

The Games Convention blog gets to GOA. It’s in German, I haven’t asked my husband to translate yet.. but I currently am in love with the line:

Wir haben es getan. “WAAAAAAAAGH!!!!” Es soll dann auch T-Shirts geben. Jippie!.

(Note to all GOA/Mythic types going to Games Day – we love T-shirts – arbitrary ;p)

Here’s a cool video from Leipzig about living cities, showing a Bright WIzard running around Altdorf. Oh, and Josh Drescher gives a commentary!

If you’re going to dress up, pick a cool class to dress up as. Here’s a good example from Leipzig.

What’s the future for Warhammer Online after September 2008? Paul speaks at Leipzig and says there’s a 3-year plan currently in place.

Sterntaler (one of the german CMs) posts some video of the GOA/Warhammer stand in Liepzig. (He mentions T-Shirts and free stuff prominently, which I know Arbitrary will find intriguing!)

Sausage and Sauerkraut – lunch is good at the Games Convention it seems. Lunch is important. More photos from Leipzig can be seen here (incl. Age of Conan booth babes – because I’m good to you – arbitrary).

Player vs Developer compares the WAR trailer to the WoW one, both released at Liepzig. Rock, Paper, Shotgun also mentions them in the same breath, but gets to use the word ‘phwoarhammer’ – we’re depressed we didn’t think to use that one, so credit where it’s due. Is it just us though, or was that a handful of Order chars taking on an entire Destruction army. Nerf!!

And, of course, Warhammer Online wins Best Online Game of the show.

General Links

Neurotic women are more likely to blog. No comment. Actually, that reminds me, there’s a new livejournal community for WAR-ladies.

Gnomeo and Juliet. No comment. Actually, sounds awesome ;p

Ablegamer takes a look at Warhammer Online from a different perspective – what does it have to cater for the disabled player.

This is my current favourite review of Warhammer Online – it covers a lot of ground, while not being too in-depth, and it sounds like a group of friends honestly discussing the game. This I like.

We loved the gamespy pre-NDA impressions of WAR, here’s their actual beta review. has an interview from GenCon Indy with Robert Mull, Community Relations Director for Mythic. There’s a short intro here, and then a longer video.

Useful tools for Warhammer Online. WarDb (basically Thottbot for Warhammer Online) if you want all the info/spoilers broken down, and the combat parser (though if I am going to use that kind of thing I’d rather have one on my desktop than have to go through a website).

This is Massively’s collection of videos showing the /special emotes for each race. They’re what WAR has instead of /dance to give you something amusing to do while you’re waiting for people to run back from the graveyard.

Olympic Link: Matt Slater (a BBC commentator) claims that Beach Volleyball is a great sport in its own right, and he doesn’t just watch it for the girls in bikinis — he may be the only one 😛

Ok, this may be down right now but it’s supposed to be back online today so I’ll link it anyway. Tiny Adventures is a D&D Facebook app – it lets you create a char, equip them and set them off on an adventure. Sounds fun to me!

August Newsletter! Film! How to get into open beta!

  • Open beta dates and sign-ups (starting the first week in September visit the EA Store in the first and sign up for one of their limited slots) NB. EU ONLY
  • 60-day pre-paid game cards will be available
  • New game trailer released – follow a Warrior Priest and his force to the gates of a Keep to attack it. Lots of Archmage-y goodness, plus some gyro-harnesses!
  • Pre-order program details (EU version)
  • Digging into Dungeons – Lost Vale
  • Scenarios 101: Thunder Valley and Logrin Forge
  • Career Mastery Updates – Engineer and Black Orc
  • Production video podcast – Outtakes
  • Fan video (shows off Altdorf and a Witch Hunter/Warrior Priest combo)
  • Concept art, fan art
  • Meet the developers – Jyun and Russell Chamier
  • Community Spotlight – UpToWar
  • Coming next month – game release (I had to add this, it made me laugh)