Good news x 2

[please excuse lack of links, am at work and hurrying to get to my ‘desk’ by 2pm]

From Paul’s blog:

I am off to Europe, to games day on Sunday the 14th of September in Birmingham. I will be there all day to wave and say hello.

Also in Paris around the 26th of September for the Paris computer show.

Also in Birmingham the evening of the 27th for PC Gamers LAN show.

From GOA site:

…those of you who have entered an open beta code need not wait any longer. All valid codes entered will be able to log in and play within a few minutes of successfully submitting your details. All players who have already entered a code should be able to log in immediately. There is no need to wait for the confirmation email

A quickie before bed ;p

Ok, people didn’t get their confirmation emails in 1-2 hours.

GOA have posted an update on the situation, timestamped 10pm (CEST I’m guessing!). It basically says ‘be patient’. I don’t think I would be. Magnus notes there is more news waiting for translation in his post on WHA.

Going to bed sad again. Hope to see you all in-game tomorrow. Guess I better dig up some more cute animals, eh?