New CM for Europe

Joining Magnus (and I guess replacing Iain C), we can now welcome Nic as a CM for GOA.

It’ll be up on the GOA website soon! For now, you can go there to see confirmation that 1.04b will be patched onto the Euro servers tomorrow, as expected.

Now, let’s hope the additional member of the CM team hots up communication and we get all the stuff that’s being talked about.


Magnus responds to customer concerns

It may have escaped your notice, but European players have a few concerns about GOA’s management of Mythic’s game. Recently there’s been a petition about the website, and long threads on both WHA and the Vault┬ádetailing player concerns. As expected, now the weekend is over, Magnus has stepped out to comment on the WHA thread.

It’s undeniably placatory in tone, promising good service, explaining why there have been delays in hotfixes and patches. Promising better communication between Mythic and GOA, telling us they know there’s a problem with the website. We won’t get a test server for 1.05 but it’s being looked at. Server transfers are on the way which we can now read about on their website.

And hey, guess what? You know that Realm War page that Magnus has told us frequently will be coming ‘next week’ – now it’s in internal testing and he really enjoys playing with it. How nice. Any reason it wasn’t up all those weeks ago when we were promised it? And you know what – he hopes to bring us more information about it… NEXT WEEK. Phrases I wish could be obliterated from his vocabulary include ‘next week’.

No.. we’re on only the good news here, kids. And it is a good, solid PR post. It doesn’t cover the lack of communication from GOA, which is one of my primary concerns – the fact I mostly check the US Herald for game news, and then just use GOA occasionally, via the RSS feed. And we’ll see. They’re very good at making us hope things are about to get better. I really hope they are.

But it doesn’t address the fact that much of this could have been in place before the game was launched. It’s not like the Realm War page wasn’t being asked for the MOMENT the US announced theirs. The website has always been held under derision by the community. We’re 6 weeks into the game being live, and there’s still no real end in sight. In fact, there’s no sign at all the website will change from the Flash-horror that it is, just that they have enough feedback to fill a medium size library about how much we all hate it.

It is a good post, but it smacks of PR. We’ll see by what actually changes.

Behind the scenes

If you are interested in what’s going on behind the scenes with Warhammer Online, some of the people involved have personal blogs where you can keep up with what they are doing and thinking (probably something like ‘”deadline. deadline. deadline. omg if its Tuesday this must be Toronto!” etc.)

I’ve taken the job titles from EA-Mythic and GOA’s websites, so apologies to all if they’re not correct.

Adventures in MMO Community Management – Iain Compton (Community Manager, GOA)

Doubt the Stars — Carrie Gouskos (Assistant Producer, Mythic)

Josh Drescher — Josh Drescher (Associate Producer, Mythic)

Paul’s Blog — Paul Barnett (Design Manager, Mythic)

Or in other words, we’ve reorganised the blogroll tags slightly in the left margin.