Making Money in WAR

Warhammer is not really a game about making money. Whatever you do, it is almost impossible for you not to have enough (15g) to buy yourself a mount at level 20 unless you are spending prodigious amounts on the auction house. So don’t ever feel that you need to save money by not buying siege engines or dyeing your gear. You really don’t. You’ll still have enough for your mount even if you send lots of stuff to your friends and guildies, it’s not something you will need to worry about. Spend gold, have fun!

The main scarcity at the moment is for drops that Salvagers and Talisman Makers can use to level their tradeskills. Anything you can find or make that could be useful to either of those two trades can be profitably sold.

Here’s a few other pointers on money making.

1. Do quests. The capital city quests in particular are mostly delivery and discovery quests. The rewards vary from 25s-75s which is a lot at low level, and you can do them at low level. The other quests you will want to do, which are repeatable, are scenario-related quests which you can pick up at a war camp. Do check the quest rewards first, some give more cash and others give more xp.

2. Scenarios. You will earn cash from scenarios, especially if people bother to loot corpses. There is also a renown tactic which gives 5% more gold from PvP. If you don’t have anything else to put into your renown tactic slot, it might not be a bad pick. Each war-camp has repeatable quests that you can take for scenarios, as mentioned above. There is usually one that requires you to complete the scenario and another that requires you to be involved in a set number of kills. The kills one gives more cash so try to remember to keep picking it up.

3. Public Quests. Remember that you can take the cash from the loot bag instead of the drop, I think there is also a tome unlock for doing this enough times. The crafting PQ rewards aren’t likely to be selling for much at low levels but it might be that later on they will fetch enough at auction to be worth taking instead.

4. Crafting. Scavenging and Butchery generate a lot of tat that can be sold to NPC merchants. Any drops that are useful for talisman making are worth selling via auction because talisman materials are scarce at the moment. For cultivating, plants sell to NPCs for the same price as seeds. Goldweed can be useful to Talisman makers so those seeds/ plants are worth auctioning. Some potions sell to NPCs for a tiny amount more than the materials cost, if you have a supply of seeds/leeches/etc. Potions in general are not currently in huge demand, I suspect it’s the healing and AP potions that people will mostly want since the buffs are usually short duration. We don’t really know how demand for crafted goods will pan out at later levels. I suspect there will be a constant demand for talismans, but that most people will either make their own healing potions or have friends who can do it.

5. Auction House. Ah, the most traditional way to make money of them all. Buy cheap, sell dear. To make money from the auctions you need to think about what’s likely to be in demand. Is it worth selling a drop via auction? What’s the going rate? The AH interface is generally good and if you plan to spend a lot of time at auction, you’ll want to check prices on different goods frequently. At low levels, shoulders and cloaks will sell well. Undesired green drops are worth selling too, since you may get more than you would from an NPC from a salvager needingĀ  them to skill up. If you plan to do a lot of auctioning and don’t get overly frustrated at the mail system, it might be worth having a low level auction alt whose sole purpose is to transfer goods between mail, auction, and bank.

Note that your mails from the auctionhouse are in their own separate tab of the mailbox.

Tentonhammer discuss crafting and the nerf bat with Mark Jacobs

It really is media blitz week at Mythic!

Tentonhammer have a 2-part interview with Mark Jacobs about crafting in warhammer, which as the man himself says is a subject close to his own heart. (Part 1, Part 2). From the comments it looks as though there may be a third part to come also.

Mark also comments on the nerf/buff cycle, with respect to why crafting is starting ‘small’:

Like many other MMO developers, we have been charged in Camelot with cycles of nerfing and fixing. We did not want to be in that position when we launch in the fall. We wanted to have fewer rather than more. If you have fewer things in that are great, you are better off than having more in that are not.
Once you start taking things away from players, and start telling them you can have all this cool stuff for the first couple of weeks? And yeah you had fun, but whoops here come the major balance nerfing changes? The players will be justifiably pissed off. You can avoid some of that pain by being a little more circumspect on what you chose to put in your game at launch.

It’s going to be interesting to see how that works out. Mudflation is a constant struggle for gear-based MUD-based MMORPGs … will Mythic be able to keep it in check?

crafting interview

Mark Jacobs gives Gamespy an overview of crafting. Highlights include discussion of grinding crafts, goldfarmers, philosophy behind crafting in WAR and more cool stuff about the Tome of Knowledge (at the end, but it’s beginning to fascinate me – we can read each others? Neat!)

May Newsletter : white lion, crafting, spiky stuff and more

The May Newsletter turned up in my mail (and in everyone else’s I guess) this morning, and although it’s not officially linked yet, the WHA chaps have done some delving around.

White Lion

Overview: Dragonwake – another high elf zone. no pictures of dragons, sadly

Scenarios 101, part 5 – couple of dwarf v greenskin scenarios/battlegrounds. The level range in both is given as 23-40 (23 seems arbitrary to me but what do I know?) and they both are 12 v 12.

Mark Jacobs video blogs about crafting

Now this is the fun stuff for me. He goes through all the crafting skills, and explains where they see them at the moment. The word fun gets mentioned a lot, and so does recipe-less crafting, and not needing to grind useless items to level crafting.

Basics are:

4 gathering skills (magical salvage, butchery, scavenging, cultivation), 2 crafting skills (apothecary, talisman making). Everyone gets to pick one gathering and one craft skill. Because there are no recipes involved, you get to experiment. When you make a potion or a talisman, your vessel has 4 slots for ingredients. You can get super lucky and have something very exciting happen. Or you can be unlucky and the item won’t work — but if that happens, you don’t lose the ingredients.

Cultivation sounds by far the most involved of the gathering skills. You need to aquire seeds/spores, then there’s a 3 stage growing process where you add various things. The other gathering skills sound more straightforwards and I’m assuming you’ll want access to all of them through friends or guildies or maybe an auction house, to do any of the crafting.

It is a bit odd that I may end up with a dwarf engineer who can’t make … engineering stuff. Magical talismans doesn’t really sound right. But I love the general idea of experimenting.

witch elf

Career Update: Witch Elf

More information about their skills and masteries. Note the spiky thigh-highs with stilettos. She doesn’t seem to have a matching bra though, boo to that.

Concept Art for Dark Elf and Dwarf Mounts

The elves get giant two legged lizards, dwarfs get personal gyrocopters which look fun in the pictures. There is a note in the concept art about being able to display guild emblems on the mount which I like quite a lot.

dwarf with wings

Paul’s Video Blog

Rather dull grab bag about the chaos city

And some awesome fan art! There is some fan fic also which I’ll read later šŸ˜›