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In a special edition of cute baby animals, I bring you:


Hallowe’en baby

It’s an aye-aye (thanks commenters – was originally told it was an opossum), but if I was trick or treating age, this is the picture I’d want to see!

A cute baby snotling. Really.

Ok, when I started searching out cute animals, it was more as a joke. But I get complaints if I forget them one week. And when I started, I thought we’d cover a couple of classes and that’s it. I NEVER thought I’d see a real animal that looks like a snotling.

I was wrong.

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Learning to zerg

Quick! Go for the healers!

Quick! Go for the healers!

For Thade, Archmage

Lasers charging

Lasers charging

Reader request

It’s a new day, yesterday is behind us. Things will get better. Repeat after me.

How we feel about the NDA

Maybe next week...

Maybe next week...