Headstarts dated & other answers

Collector’s Edition pre-order – 14th September (during Games Day *coff*)

Standard Edition pre-order  – 15th September

You can read all the details on GOA’s website. How we love saying that last sentence!

And, as if that’s not enough, there’s also some answers to technical questions (like using your own torrent client, the file size) and when we can enter our codes (next week apparently).

Open beta dated

Massively is reporting that the North American open beta will be 7th September, but it also says that’s one week before game release on 16th September. Make of it what you will, thought I’d put a quick note up – I assume we’ll hear more soon.

Edit: The information came from this press release which mentions the 7th September date but specifically also mentions the release date of 18th September – so it’s official folks, 7th September for open beta. And since we all know the EU will receive the same service, let’s assume that’s a worldwide date. In fact, as Hawley just pointed out to me, EA’s European sale page states 7th September at the open beta date.

September 18th

Ok, just cos I did it for September 23rd – here’s the rundown on this date in history:

  • 2008 – Warhammer Online launched
  • 1879 – Blackpool Illuminations switched on for the first time (oh dear, I cheered at this one)
  • 1919 – The Netherlands gives women the vote
  • 1927 – CBS goes on air
  • 1970 – Jimi Hendrix dies
  • 1977 – Voyager I takes first picture of Earth and Moon together
  • 1987 – Ronald Reagan announces joint destruction of nuclear warheads by US and USSR
  • 1998 – ICANN is formed
  • Birthdays of Samuel Johnson, Leon Foucault, Greta Garbo, James Gandolfini, Lance Armstrong

Of course, I picked fairly random ones, or ones that stood out for me. Feel free to add more, in comments.

Answer me these questions three, ere the other side you see

Over the last few weeks it feels as though we have had a deluge of news from Mythic about Warhammer Online. There have been lots of articles on Massively and tentonhammer, we’ve seen stories and interviews in PC Gamer, the forums have been buzzing with reports from people who have seen the game demonstrated at Games Days (most recently Toronto), and of course the blogs have been analysing and responding!

So what’s left for them to tell us? Here’s a roundup of the main things we still don’t know about the game, so expect announcements on any of these topics to be met with the usual feeding frenzy!

[Feel free to add to the list in comments and we can try and keep it revised!]


  • When will they drop the NDA?
  • When is the guild beta?
  • When is the ‘open’ beta?
  • When is launch?


  • News on classes which haven’t been demonstrated yet at Games Days, particularly melee dps
  • Which classes will be single gender? White Lions? WIll they change their minds on Chaos Chosen?
  • (Syp) skill lists, full mastery trees


  • News on cities we haven’t seen yet
  • News on new zones
  • More information on PvE and dungeons/instances
  • How much is left to do?
  • (Syp) Living city ranks and rewards

Servers/Launch Info

  • What server types are planned for launch?
  • Server names (this will probably be as the pre-launch happens)
  • Will there be a pre-order scheme for the non-CE version?
  • How much will it be to play?
  • Will there be family accounts?


  • How well does large scale PvP actually play?
  • Will the game have Team Leads like DAoC (and will Europe have their own)?
  • Hardware requirements (what hardware will you need to run the game)?
  • (Syp) Guild ranks (and rewards)
  • (Syp) Renown ranks (and rewards)
  • (Malavar) Game lighting
  • (Unwise) Faction balance (specifics)
  • (CoS) More about the Tome of Knowledge
  • What happens when higher levels group with lower levels?