10-day free trials have arrived in Europe and are now available at GOA’s site.

It’s perfect timing, what with the Bitter Rivals event, and the upcoming inclusion of Slayers, 10-days will get you quite a bit at the moment. So, if you’ve been away from the game, or know someone who might be interested in the event or the new classes, consider it your duty to let them know about this free trial. Let’s see how much of a population burst we can create!


PuG in a Pub!

One week today (9th March 2009), GOA is being infiltrated by myself and Ardua, and following a jaunt around the office and a peek at the nascent European official forums, Nic and Magnus will be joining us at the Bull and Castle pub – and you’re ALL invited (to the pub bit!).

We reckon we’ll be hitting the pub at 7pm local time, which should allow for a fair amount of revelry. And Nic’s going to reserve a couple of tables under the name ‘GOA’ and he thinks they’ll probably be upstairs in case anyone gets there before us.

Any questions about the day, leave a comment here or grab me on twitter. And if you have any last-minute questions for GOA, please also feel free to get in touch.

[For anyone making the trip, here’s some info Ardua put together for his blog, keep checking his blog for the most up-to-date details, as I’ll be leaving my house around 5am on 9th March!]

Question Time

It may not have escaped the notice of regular readers here that I’m off to Dublin to meet up with GOA, Ardua from Echoes of Nonsense and hopefully a bevvy of WAR fans on March 9th. Ardua has put up some excellent travel info about getting to Dublin on the page I linked to, so check it out if you fancy a trip (for the record, it’s only costing me £20 on Ryanair for the overnight trip from Newcastle!).

The pub chosen for the WAR fan get-together is the Bull and Castle and though we haven’t hammered out exact times yet, it’ll be after work until we get sleepy!

But what I need from you all now – is some questions for GOA? Magnus and Nic have been good enough to offer us some time to interview them and chat with them, and I know people out there will come up with a bunch more questions that me, Spinks and Ardua can think up. So let people know, drop a comment in here and leave us some questions, I promise to try and ask them ALL, but can’t promise they’ll all get answered.

Yes, it’s Murder Night

As the latest live event comes to WAR Europe, GOA have posted a Grab Bag about the event, so you can read all about it.

(I like the pink rose icon for it, is that a little.. girly of me?)

And I bet I’m ‘marked for death’, but it does sound like a laugh and I’ll be giving it a go when I get home from work (yes, work on saturdays sucks!),

And a quick waaaaaa

So if those going to NY Comic-Con get unique heads for Slayers/Choppas (which we can assume only work on US-servers anyway), what do you think you’ll get for coming to Dublin on 9th March to our little get-together – now definitely at the Bull & Castle pub, in the post-work hours?

Um.. working on it, but it’ll probably be a beer mat 🙂

Yeah yeah, I know, just another way for me to pimp the Dublin gathering. Once it’s done we’ll work on a London one, I promise!

Welcome Russia!

Добро пожаловать, все русские игроки, к жеже The Book of Grudges! Если бы вы приняли участие в открытом бета-тестировании «Warhammer Online: Время Возмездия» или нет, знаем, что вы являетесь восторженными об официальном запуске игры. Развлекайтесь!


Karak Izor – Come on Down!!

Today’s the day Karak-Izor players get to start the transfer process and pick their new server out of a few choices (Karak Eight Peaks, Karak-Hirn, Karak-Norn, Karak-Azgal). For information about the transfer process, take a look here.

We wish all the players find happy homes on more populated servers and get to kick butt alongside their new realm mates. And for the receiving servers – be nice to your new additions!