Mythic announces xp tweaks for T3 & 4 and in open RvR

Props to Mythic who have been incredibly responsive to player feedback since launch. They have two more announcements on the Herald today which may help somewhat with the Tier 3 slowdown.

Experience Enhancements (Phase 1). The experience awarded for questing in chapters 10-22 is being tweaked upwards and extra repeatable PvE quests have been added to tier 3 (chapters 10-14). Also, the experience given for killing a player in open world RvR gets tweaked upwards by 50% — that’s definitely an incentive to get out there and fight.

There are also hints of further announcements next week about open world RvR. We’re expecting some kind of big announcement about future plans for next week also, to encourage people to subscribe when their free month is up.

High Level Encounter Tweaks. This all relates to Tier 4 (which most of us haven’t seen yet), the fortress lords and contested city guards have become tougher and set pieces available from RvR in that tier have been tweaked upwards to match. We’ll be on the lookout for the first successful city siege when these new changes have been patched in.