Whose breasts are they anyway?

There’s a certain advantageĀ in being a female blogger. It means we can bring you this overview of the breasts in the WAR universe. So, here’s a screenshot of every female char’s breasts – clothed and unclothed (and rank 31, since we’re working with templates at the moment). There’s one from a rank 1 char in there, and I think I left out 1 set of high elf ‘naked’ breasts as the racial unclothed breasts all look pretty similar – showing clothes make all the difference.

Go on, see if you can tell which class each pic is from?

Many thanks to my husband who took all the screenshots while I was out at work and then with our visitors. He managed to capture this screenshot while working on the project – it made me laugh a lot, because the other player is clearly checking out the naked dark elf!

Female White Lions?

So we know that the next grab bag is going to be about White Lions. Mythic are busy getting questions in from a couple of different community bboards around the web; war-rvr.net and freddyshouse

But what we really want to know is whether there are going to be female white lions (I mean the elves, not the actual lions because those would be white lionesses).