Newsletters/forums compared

Thanks to Nate over at Freddyshouse for perusing the EU and US newsletters and bringing up the following:

Originally Posted by Mythic Newsletter
When you become a part of the WAR Oracles team, you’ll earn increased interaction with developers

Originally Posted by GOA Newsletter
When you become a part of the Veterans team, you’ll earn increased access to the Community Team

No great surprise for any of us I’m sure. But interesting to see the quotations compared.


Open beta keys…at Freddys

This offer from Freddyshouse (and GOA) is for European open beta keys, so please bear that in mind and don’t go over the top with it:

Soooo with love and best wished from the folks over at GOA, I am pleased to announce that we will shortly(TM) have a bunch of open beta access keys for users looking for that chance to be involved. This will be limited to just one per person, so rather than try the old ‘how about one for my Mum’ trick, just ask people to register on FreddysHouse if they want a key, then send a mail to with their username requesting one. No subscription is required… this is absolutely FREE!

As we see more of these offers, we’ll write little updates about them to keep you up-to-date. Hopefully means some more of you can come join us in the European open beta when it opens.

(and as I’m writing a newsy post, the GOA account pages are currently down, preparing for the code-entering phase).

While waiting…

Magnus and Iain (English CMs) have been busy since the weekend ended, answering more of the submitted questions, among other things, no doubt!

The answers appear on several forums and we’re still waiting for the ones they needed higher authorisation to answer, but first of all Magnus stopped by to clear a few things up on weekend service from GOA as well as running the gauntlet on the ‘can you guarantee that all patches, upgrades and expansions will go as smoothly as Mythic’s?’ question. (As Freddy’s has gone down right now, here’s the link to the same answers on WHA)

Iain got to answer the gentler set of questions which include info on his favourite T-shirt, how many WAR sites he reads, how big the CM team is and his favourite in-game moment.

Q&A with European Community Managers

David Petit, the Head Community Manager in Europe, has written an open letter on FH. He explains some of the pressures they are working under at the moment, not to mention dealing with 5 different language communities, and finishes by inviting people to submit their questions there to be answered by IainC and Magnus (the english language CMs).

To avoid all misunderstandings, for clarification of a situation or to obtain official information, I recommend to you therefore that you turn to the community manager dedicated to your language. He can reassure you as to the validity of any information or discuss the details.

He will read your contributions, heed your opinions and requests, so do not hesitate to ask him questions or to address him directly. He is here for you and for the regulars of this place.

In collaboration with the administrators of this forum, this thread will in future be dedicated to all your questions concerning GOA and the operation of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in Europe. Iain Compton and Magnus Kjellstrom, the community managers for your community will answer your questions as quickly and clearly as possible.

edited to add: The same feedback thread is at Warhammer Alliance and we’re expecting to see it on other community sites also. We’ll add links as we find them, so you can pick your favourite.