Sexism and Swordmasters

Swordsman in a dress?

Swordsman in a dress?

I am so tired of hearing everyone tell me that our Swordmasters are girlish. It drives me nuts.

Apparently some people have difficulty with the idea of a slender swordsman with long hair who wears a robe. Do they think martial arts Kendo practitioners look like girls too? I guess they’ve never seen pictures of Norman warriors at Hastings in their long mail coats. For a footman, the long body cover is not at all a bad design. It’s when combat moved to mounted knights that it was more important to keep the legs separately armoured. The idea of seeing a man in full plate armour wading through the mud is basically daft, it would be too heavy.

Truth is, it’s an elf in a fantasy setting. It isn’t girly, it’s an ELF. Sorry if that’s too complicated for some people.

But there is more to it than that. The ire directed on forums towards people who asked for female Chaos Chosen, the general sexism towards Swordmasters and put downs on dwarf tanks for their height. I’m sick of the attitude from the player base that tanks must be uber-macho, and the refusal to accept that a slender looking character can do the job. No one complains about their healers, casters, or melee dps not looking macho enough, so it isn’t just players who can’t handle having a non-bulky alter ego. People aren’t whining about Disciples of Kaine wearing long robes when they fight or goblins not looking sufficiently badass. What is this particular issue with tanks?

It makes me so very glad that most of the haters will have rolled destruction so I don’t need to deal with them other than via a swift eye-laser to the goolies. From behind a sold shieldwall of Swordmasters.