Hello Slayer?

So Eurogamer got an interview with Mark Jacobs where they got to ask a bit more about the Hammerer and Choppa. And one of them ain’t coming back, Mark says:

“I can’t tell you which yet, that’s a surprise. We’re probably going to be replacing one and putting in another class in its place. But we’ll be talking about that in a few months…There will still be four going back in, it just wont be necessarily the same four.” ” 

And from Ten Ton Hammer:

Ten Ton Hammer: What are the next two classes going to be? Are you sticking with the Choppa and Hammerer?

Mark: Let me put it this way, I know what one of them is going to be, and I’m not 100% sure about the second.

Well, speculation was already high that the Hammerer might be replaced by the Slayer class.  Amongst those of us who speculate, of course. As long as Greenskins and Dwarfs get their melee DPS classes at the same time, I think things will be fine. And if Hammerers survive and Choppas mutate into something else, that’s all good too.

Let the guessing games begin!

MJ comments (Careers)

Ok, the one we’ve been waiting for, MJ on Careers over at the Vault:

Losing some of the 4 careers does not feel great. I wish I could sit here and tell you that we were close to getting them right, that everything was going well with those careers but it wasn’t. The feedback we were getting from our beta testers on the Hammerer was not good and while the feedback on the Choppa was better, it wasn’t great. These weren’t classes that were introduced at the last minute and the Dwarf-Greenskin pairing had been through multiple iterations. What we saw after all our analysis, and that includes player feedback on the boards, player surveys and our metrics tools was that these classes weren’t cutting it. When it came to the Blackguard, well, we weren’t excited about how they were coming along either….

Not sure how long it’s been since these 4 classes were last in beta, and what happens when the mirror for the KotBS is in-game, but the knight hasn’t made it. Anyway, head on over and see what you think.

Sexing up the Hammerer

Poor old Hammerers, they’ve been taken back into development to be tuned up and made more exciting because earlier versions just weren’t striking the right chord. From the class survey, there are a few holdouts who are true to their tough dwarf monster-bashers but the profession isn’t really catching players’ imagination.

So what we have is a dwarf. With a hammer. It hits stuff. With the hammer.

Here are a few ideas on how Mythic could make Hammerers more interesting.

1. Let you name the hammer. Think of it like a pet rock. Just like a pet but without the annoying pathing glitches. And who could fail to know fear when the announcement goes out over a battlefield, “Gobbo1 was killed by Beardybloke wielding the mighty ComeAndHaveAGoIfYouThinkYoureHardEnough”

2. Hit the ground with the hammer and cause a minor earthquake. Or even better, actually leave dents in the terrain. There’s nothing like pointless random devastation to let a fighter know that he’s really left a mark.

3. Access to a special beer scooter that will transport the Hammerer and her mates from one city to another when they get drunk enough. Or in other words, for when they get really hammered!

4. Ability to swing the hammer at the knees of a taller enemy (which, lets face it, is everyone) and knock them down to the Hammerer’s own size.

5. The hammer of warning! Wave the hammer around the Hammerers head and let it go with a mighty yell alerting undiscovered tribes in the amazon basin to his battle prowess. Don’t forget to hammer in the morning and the evening too.

What would you like to see in a melee dps class?