Have HMV got it all wrong?

We spent a while in the early days of the blog pondering when Play.com would send out their CE pre-order codes, and kind of wishing we’d gone to an HMV store and picked up the pre-order box there.

It now seems that HMV are having issues with the way they handled the pre-order programme. Right from the start people had conflicting reports about whether HMV staff were asking for their details to reserve them a copy of the Collector’s Edition when it came into the store. Some were being asked, some weren’t.

Now, over at Freddyshouse, there’s a worrying thread which goes into quite a few details of people being told by various sources at HMV that they might not have enough CEs to cover the pre-orders they took. As they were haphazard about recording people’s details – this could be of major concern to people who went this route to the CE pre-order.

Our advice:

  • Check with the manager at the HMV store where you bought your pre-order box
  • Email HMV (consumer-power!)
  • Check over at Freddyshouse, since obviously quite a number of UK buyers there with similar problems, post your experiences so that everyone can benefit from any information gleaned
  • Hope that HMV can come up with a solution to this

Reading (from) between the lines

First and foremost, say a big hello to Justin Webb, Senior Designer for WAR – who joins our blogroll today! There’s plenty of cool stuff to look through here, so go stop by and check it out.

Guild Wars 2 won’t be entering beta this year.

Check out the latest installment of the Podcast of Reckoning, with Josh Drescher as guest co-host

Massively posted an interesting introduction to MMO etiquette for new players which made us smile and is actuially also quite useful!

The BBFC responds to EA claims that a rating system would delay the release of games. Unsurprisingly, they call such claims rubbish (we’re summarising for you!)

HMV’s Head of Games claims that Games are the new Rock and Roll. There’s clearly a lot of politics going on here after all the stories we’ve had recently about the game industry in the UK not getting enough graduates, then the call for new ratings and the industry response of “Oh noes, the sky is falling!”, and now one of the big retailers weighing in. I wonder if they’re after pressuring for more government subsidies for the gaming industry in the UK.

TenTonHammer continues their series of articles on WAR with a look at a possible launch clash of the titans – Wrath of the Lich King vs Warhammer Online. It’s a topic close to all our hearts, though it’s seeming more likely that we’ll be playing Warhammer Online first *fingers crossed*. War Noob and Bloghammer are also discussing the potential clash at the moment.

The Warhammer Online Vault brings us some awesome dwarf wallpaper (I’m using it on my PC at the moment)

And finally, to celebrate the fact we’ve just had Canada Day, a fun little survey reported in Joystiq shows that one in five Canadian men have gamed in the nude.

How to pre-order the Collector’s Edition at HMV

Because Play.com are sold out, here’s a quick rundown of the HMV situation for those in the UK still wishing to pre-order a Collector’s Edition. Benefits of pre-ordering can be found here.

  1. Go to an HMV store and purchase the pre-order pack for £9.99 – it is a DVD case with all the codes in
  2. Get staff to take down your details to reserve you the CE when it comes out
  3. When CE comes out, go to HMV with receipt from pre-order, and buy CE
  4. HMV staff take the £9.99 off your CE final cost

That’s the theory. Not everyone has found it that easy to complete steps 1 and 2, but go speak to staff first, get them to look up the memo from Head Office and to take down your details. If you bought the pre-order pack but didn’t get your details taken down – it might be worth popping back into HMV with the receipt.

As IainC notes, HMV may put excess stock up on their website, but your guaranteed pre-order pack and CE will take precedence over any internet sales, so if you can get to an HMV then do so to make sure you don’t suffer any disappointment and/or ranting.

HMV do apparently have quite a few copies left on their shelves currently. I’ve heard that the store in Angel (London), has ‘loads’ (our roving reporters are about as exact as we are!), and I know spinks saw some too.