Infamy, infamy… they all have it infamy

So, it’s a new game and you’ve gone out and found yourself a new guild. But, you don’t know many people and you want to stand out a bit from the crowd?

It’s very easy to go along with guild events and hang out with guild groups when they form.

But the easiest way to stand out and make a name for yourself is to organise things. It’s not an easy job, you’ll need patience, understanding and a touch of ruthlessness. You’ll need to want to put yourself out there for the praise and the criticism. But I can guarantee if you’re the one adding things to the guild calendar and welcoming people as they enter the game, people will know who you are. Additionally, if you’re feeling brave you can create some server events – that one is a bit scarier, and best tested with guild and/or Alliance, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Or you can go hang out on server forums. I can’t say I’ve really picked a server forum yet, I kind of miss having an official one – there’s just too many choices and people from my server will be on all of them, but only as subsets, so it’s like Venn diagram hell there. Eventually, I suppose I’ll take time to look at all of them – but I wish there was one central Burlok server forum where we could hang out.

Anyway, that little ramble aside, let’s get back to organising things. There’s open field RvR – everyone wants that to be going on and keep takes/defences are good fun, even if they can get a little sprawling and open-ended. It’s a good one to organise, especially with an open warband. If you run them regularly, I guarantee server fame. Other events include PQs, scenarios, rambles around the big cities, Praag tourism (for Tier 4 anyway) and dungeons/lairs. But of course many of these are limited a little by number.

You might hate being in charge some nights, you might hate it at first, but it will and does get better. People will mostly listen to you once you establish a sense of being in-control. It’s like anything in life though, you have to reach out and do something to be recognised for it. It might not get you a statue in Altdorf, but it’ll get you the respect of fellow players, and I know which I’d rather have.