A week in IM chats

Starting what might become a regular insight into our lives and conversations, I bring you a summary of some of our IM chats over the past couple of weeks. It’s only from two separate days, so hopefully in the future there will be more diversity!

(6:16:32 AM) Spinks: btw, can you talk to tupp when you come down and explain that pillows are not for cats
(6:16:46 AM) Arbitrary: but but.. they are!
(6:17:02 AM) Spinks: bad influence!

(6:36:36 AM) Spinks: yeah, you saw my draft?
(6:37:09 AM) Arbitrary: I saw there WAS a draft ;p

(7:02:16 AM) Arbitrary: might have to make level 31 chars, strip them and screenshot their breasts. For sunday, ofc.
(7:03:37 AM) Spinks: I have a screenie of my level 1 engineer with herΒ bodice if that helps
(7:04:23 AM) Arbitrary: I have that one I think, but if I do 1 at level 1 – I need to do them all at that :-/
(7:06:26 AM) Spinks: depends if you want to do a proper comparison or just ‘hey, look at these boobs!’ πŸ™‚

(7:49:23 AM) Arbitrary: what should I have as a header for Wardb?
(7:49:55 AM) Arbitrary: i have ‘useful stuff’
(7:49:55 AM) Spinks: Um, maybe tools?
(7:50:00 AM) Arbitrary: ah, that’s better ;p

(8:17:37 AM) Spinks: Can you check mamma mia post?
(8:21:58 AM) Arbitrary: I just wonder if the title fully suits it
(8:22:59 AM) Arbitrary: From ABBA to WAR?
(8:23:06 AM) Spinks: Haha, I like that one
(8:23:17 AM) Arbitrary: I feel bad picking on the title, tbh πŸ™‚
(8:23:50 AM) Arbitrary: *goes back to screenshotting breasts*

(9:38:18 AM) Arbitrary: Ha ha, I was originally going to call it ‘final days of freedom’ πŸ™‚ You were just pondering the trez vs freebies ;p
(9:39:16 AM) Hawley: I thought that was a lovely point to raise. I am still wondering which is better. The warm glow of epixxx, or the warming sensation in my tummy that only a blagged t-shirt can provide…
(9:39:42 AM) Arbitrary: best would be a FREE bit of trez, ofc
(9:39:56 AM) Hawley: Or a Trez T-shirt?
(9:40:29 AM) Arbitrary: I would love a T-shirt that said ‘Broken armour, repairs into the following item – 1 T -shirt’

(10:07:47 AM) Hawley: I worked there for three years on commute, so it’s not a bad place, and not scary.
(10:08:01 AM) Arbitrary: not TOO scary πŸ™‚ Everywhere is scary
(10:08:59 AM) Hawley: Nah, as long as you know where *not* to go…
(10:09:16 AM) Arbitrary: out the house!

(6:25:51 AM) Arbitrary: I didn’t even look at macros in WAR. I guess I will. Oh, you’ll be amused.. I found a thread whining that AM’s were better healers than RPs πŸ™‚
(6:26:16 AM) Arbitrary: Have therefore decided all number crunching is horrible and players whine a lot!
(6:26:26 AM) Spinks: I really think no one honestly knows. But everyone feels a bit defensive.
(6:26:40 AM) Arbitrary: yeah, I can see why, but there’s so many variables with tactics and masteries
(6:26:41 AM) Spinks: So much whining that RPs do more damage though. But all based on theory.

(6:30:46 AM) Spinks: One of the big difficulties with comparisons is figuring out how to work the mechanic in too.
(6:31:07 AM) Spinks: I do think that AM damage isn’t really high enough. The dps tree felt like the most useless to me.
(6:31:12 AM) Arbitrary: yeah, I just don’t like the comparisons. To me the only thing we need to know about a healing class is – can they solo heal a group

(7:14:23 AM) Arbitrary: Larky licking my toast plate. No food on it, she just wanted to lick it
(7:14:41 AM) Spinks: tupp sulking cos of not being fed yet
(7:15:32 AM) Arbitrary: she just attacked Paul Barnett and won
(7:15:37 AM) Spinks: Awww

(9:32:34 AM) Arbitrary: why do people even have to consider ‘hardest/easiest classes to play’ – just the thread title depresses me
(9:33:19 AM) Arbitrary: yay RP is easy apparently πŸ™‚
(9:33:25 AM) Spinks: :p
(9:33:55 AM) Spinks: Actually, I think I prefer that to ‘which is the best healer’. Cos if you have a friend or partner who wants to play you might want to know which the easier classes are
(9:34:12 AM) Spinks: (And as we all know, the best healer is the one who actually heals you !)

(9:36:10 AM) Arbitrary: Well, just read a thread that said AM and RP are best together πŸ™‚
(9:36:23 AM) Spinks: works for me

(10:06:13 AM) Arbitrary: cappucino twix. YUM!
(10:06:39 AM) Spinks: oo, sounds nice!

(10:36:33 AM) Spinks: http://www.consupport.com/genconuk2008/eagleheights.asp
(10:36:47 AM) Spinks: is it bad if I want my photo taken with a bird of prey?
(10:36:59 AM) Arbitrary: No!
(10:37:07 AM) Arbitrary: it’s imperative
(10:37:18 AM) Spinks: Thats the best thing EVER! I love falcons, but will need a camera

(10:52:50 AM) Arbitrary: husband watching vids on how to make a jetpack!
(10:53:33 AM) Spinks: woah
(10:54:13 AM) Arbitrary: I worry sometimes
(10:54:43 AM) Spinks: Worry when he starts testing a cat size version
(10:56:23 AM) Arbitrary: ha ha
(10:56:40 AM) Arbitrary: I’m so copying this conversation