The Bitterest of Rivals

The Grab Bag on the next live event is up and active and makes for some fairly interesting reading for those of us who’ve been too lazy to keep on top of the news about Bitter Rivals.

The event will last a week, as opposed to the two weeks for Heavy Metal, and for those completing it and gaining early access to the Slayers and Choppas, access will start the day after the event. The event will start the same day as 1.2, so, assuming a normal pattern we’ll have it the day after the US.

Interestingly, one of the questions covers what rank you need to be to participate (any), under the pretext of asking a question from people planning to return to Warhammer… let’s hope there’s plenty of them!

Anyway, there’s lots of little details and hints about ‘awesome’ new titles (really, can a title be awesome – or just awesome until you find a better one? Especially if half the server has it!). It’s well worth the read and one of the more edifying grab bags out there.


Yes, it’s Murder Night

As the latest live event comes to WAR Europe, GOA have posted a Grab Bag about the event, so you can read all about it.

(I like the pink rose icon for it, is that a little.. girly of me?)

And I bet I’m ‘marked for death’, but it does sound like a laugh and I’ll be giving it a go when I get home from work (yes, work on saturdays sucks!),