It’s the only way to fly!

They gave us some templated chars towards the end of the closed beta phases. We started at rank 31 and renown rank 25 chars, and they gave us enough gold for me to bully a guildmate *cough* (Hawley) into giving me enough to buy my ‘mount’ – a gyro-harness.

Then, I spent half an hour (literally), hovvering everywhere, listening to the whirry blades and having a whale of a time. It’s my fave mount so far in any game. Seriously.

And from the pictures and screenshots, I had no idea how fun it would be to hovver around, my little dwarfy legs all a-dangle. It’s quite fun to jump and then land on something with it too. It’s completely and utterly sold me on a dwarf char, and I actually thought it might put me off when I saw it initially.


I logged back on the next day and zoomed around on an empty road with it (bear in mind I wake up at crazy o’clock and there were no nasty Destruction players for me to behead with my blades – oh, if only I could. I’m a bloodthirsty gal at heart!), but I discovered a keep and a battlefield objective and all the time my full attention was on my gyro-harness.

Nice work Mythic!

[I have to admit, that 10 gold was the best “investment” I’ve ever made in an online game.  The general level of “squee!” was most definately high.  And watching Arbitrary fly about the place, buzzing everyone or everything that came near, was the highlight of the night for me – Hawley]

A horse, a horse, my kingdom..

Ah mounts and MMOs.

We all want to run faster, and hitting a level to get a mount – well, that can be a big rush in itself. Then, it’s all about getting the mount, whether it’s quests or cash, everyone needs a mount.

Racial mounts are nothing new, many fantasy MMORPGs make use of them to add to the feel of each race (LotRO being a noticeable exception because of their IP, so it’s all horses and ponies – for the moment ;p). Anyway, Warhammer is no different, and while we may not know what each of the racial mounts is, the one causing the most conversation at the moment is the newly-designed gyro-harness for dwarfs, shown off in the latest newsletter

It’s causing a lot of chat and Greg Grimsby (Art Director) has stopped by the Warhammer Alliance forums to explain the logic behind the choice. Some of it had to do with Games Workshop, some had to do with the fact that previous concepts didn’t live up to expectations lookwise. It’s great to get such an in-depth look at the design issues and personally I think the gyro-harness kind of rocks!

NB: We’re really not just interested in dwarfs here 🙂 Other racial mounts known so far, are listed in HammerWiki, the Dark Elf one was also recently announced in the May newsletter, but it doesn’t seem to have caused so much chatter. MMOLab have some concept art for other races mounts here (but shows the old dwarf one, so you can compare).