Ask not what your realm can do for you…

Wotcha everyone,

There is a wonderful story recounting Ronald Reagan’s first tour of the White House upon becoming President of the United States.  After being shown various rooms, he turned to his guide, and in an almost reverential tone, asked; “But where is the War Room?”.

He was, of course, referring to the absolutely amazing set from “Dr. Strangelove” (a wonderful movie, and the source of one of my favourite quotes; “Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here!  This is the War Room!”), a set so well designed and implemented that it still gets referenced in movies made today.

But now that War is everywhere, where do we go to organise our campaigns?

We have the opportunity to engage in PvP like no other game so far.  What we do is more than just zerging for points, or grinding battlegrounds for better equipment.  Warhammer will reward good, clever, tactical and strategic play, as we can indulge ourselves in military campaigns if we wish to.

We won’t get a War Room, though.  Not that we really need one.  No large oval tables, no subdued lighting, no huge wall-sized maps of Tier 4 on the walls.  And someone would need to write big red telephones into the lore.

It does make me wonder who will become the Merkin Muffleys, Jack D Rippers, Lionel Mandrakes, and T J “King” Kongs though.  Right now, we’re all levelling our characters at the same time as Ooohing and Aaahing our way through the various tiers.  But soon enough zerging keeps at Tier 2 and Tier 3 shall become fighting for Altdorf and the Inevitable City.  And that will need more than the zerg; it will need organisation and planning.

I’ve spoken before about the various HARDCORE! guilds out there, but I’m not sure that they will be the deciding factor on any given server.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be those people willing (and owning time machines, no doubt) to spend 7 or 8 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, that will decide the ultimate fate of the capital cities.  No, it will be the casual gamers, those who spend a far more reasonable time playing, because we are most numerous.

And whomever is capable enough, social enough, and patient enough to organise us will be our Turgidson.  We’re still in that magical time when reputations are made, and all that we’re waiting for is a few individuals to rise up, and say “Here I stand”.


Postcard from Praag. Wish you were here?

Wotcha everyone,

Burning Tower?  Check.  Open Space?  Check.  People fighting?  Check!

Burning Tower? Check. Open Space? Check. People fighting? Check!

For those who have not seen it previously, welcome to Martyr Square, in Praag.  It’s hard to get in one screenshot, but it’s about the largest single space in Praag, and is almost slap bang in the middle of the zone slap bang in the middle of Tier 4.  For all you lore/role-playing fans. not only is it a city in Kislev, but at times it felt like battling in a medieval Leningrad.  Cool.

I took this picture when it was “quiet”.  I could have taken it when there was about 300 people fighting hard, with bodies flying everywhere, but there will no doubt be plenty of those on the interwebnet soon enough.

No, I wanted to check out what it was like on a Sunday morning.  This Sunday happened to be just before the end of Closed Beta, and Order must have been busy little beavers overnight, because every Tier 4 zone clear to the Inevitable City had been locked for Order.

Now that was rare enough as it was.

But what surprised me was to discover that my sneaking suspicion was right; there were people fighting at Martyr’s Square.

Now, I’m not going to start shouting “Njubs!” in my best “leet speek” (that’s about all the “leet speek” I know.  “Njubs”, “leet” and “speek”.  Someone should shout “Get with the times, grand-dad!” at me.  In “leet speek”, of course) at them.  They’re PvPing, they’re having fun, and they’re ideally placed when the front makes it’s way back to Praag.  It has become *the* place to go if you can’t find RvR anywhere else.

Personally, I’d want to follow the front, be it attacking or defending where appropriate.  But I do think it’s entertaining that whilst the marketing men might be wrong that “War is everywhere!”, it’s comforting to know that it will always be at Martyr Square.