Yer Links Look Lank!

We’d mostly like to welcome Stunty Stomper to the WAR blogging community, except he wants to stomp some of us.. nice site though.

New podcast alert!! Destruction Dolls brings a female perspective to the WAR-specific podcasts and is pretty damn awesome. Except for being Destruction, naturally. Go check out the first episode, either through the website or via iTunes and then go leave some feedback.

Destruction Dolls also introduced us to another new blog, detailing the journey one player is making from WoW to WAR. A lot of players will be in this position so it’s definitely worth checking out. And hell, it’s a great blog even if you stopped playing WoW a long time ago, or never played it.

And one more site to mention, even though it’s small right now. Someone has set up Euro-Hammer as a focus for European Warhammer Online. Might be tricky to capture people’s attentions right now, but worth watching.

Casualties of WAR is, in case you’ve not heard of it, a US guild formed by a bunch of WAR bloggers, general MMO bloggers and others interested. Now we in Europe get the prospect of a guild from Rock, Paper, Shotgun – one of our fave gaming sites. Sounds pretty cool, since they all seem like decent people. They’re deciding on Order or Destruction right now. Maybe this is a way guilds will be created in the future – take an already formed community and use it as the basis of a guild.

Spore link time: Famous people create Spore creatures. Pick a celeb, see the charity they selected and vote on whether you like their creature or not., real or spoof? Nah, it’s not for real of course. By far the funniest thing about it was that no one was sure

In the wake of ‘Toboldgate‘, we thought this post from Sanya@Eating Bees was interesting. She’s speaking from the PR point of view as to what they expect from a reporter after getting a freebie. (In case anyone is interested, we welcome our freebie overlords. Please send us free stuff for doing what we were going to do anyway!). As for the whole controversy, more like a dull soap opera.

Justin Webb is blogging the run-up to launch day over at Ten Ton Hammer. TTH deserve a hearty congrats for the excellent series of exclusive blogs they’ve managed to get on the site. I’ve loved every single one.

Jeff Palumbo@The Escapist posts about My Life as a Tank. What’s the thrill of getting beaten up while 24 other people look on and cheer? We admire that he added ‘maslows hierarchy of needs’ to the tag list on that post.

Mamma Mia fans will want to catch Singstar ABBA when it comes out later this year.

GameCyte discusses the Psychology of Achievements in games.

Girls and programming, something that should go together I’m sure we’d all agree. So let’s take a moment to celebrate Storytelling Alice – “a programming environment designed to motivate a broad spectrum of middle school students (particularly girls) to learn to program computers through creating short 3D animated movies.” Might go play with it myself.

And .. has the large hadron collider destroyed the world yet? If not, check out this LHC-cam.

WAR is a game, the Hadron Collider will KILL US ALL!

Ok, it won’t. Seriously. But Warhammer Online is a game, last time I checked.

We’re mostly saving our comments on this week’s debacle until it’s over, so we can get our own emotions in check about it. And trust me, we know emotions are running high, we personally know people having the open beta issues, so our own emotions are a bit tangled also, thus the reliance on news updates yesterday!

Anyway, this morning, while discussing blogging, Spinks sent me a link that has inspired me!

The Hadron Collider is being switched on tomorrow. This has generated a lot of angst and distress. The scientists involved have received death threats, pleas, etc (note a Telegraph article, later removed from the site,  mentions ‘tearful’ people on the phone, and murderous comments by email. ‘Nuff said, internet).

Frank Wilczek, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has received death threats, said Prof Brian Cox of Manchester University to The Telegraph, saying in as frank a manner as possible: “Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat.”

Meanwhile, a couple of mathematical physicists in Moscow believe the collider could turn into the world’s first time machine, arguing that 2008 may become Year Zero for time travelling. So tomorrow we may get to say hi to some people from the future. Neat.

Katherine McAlpine, e-News Coordinator for the Atlas Project at CERN has written an LHC Rap. It’s very diverting, and definitely recommended. A CERN spokesman commented:

“We love the rap,” says James Gillies, CERN spokesman. “The science is spot on, and all the feedback that’s come to me from physicists is positive. I think that Kate is a little bowled over.”

Also for those able to listen to BBC Radio 4 tomorrow, they have a themed Big Bang day which looks pretty damn awesome. And if you’re in the UK and can access iPlayer, here’s a show from earlier in the week about it (I have this on my PVR, but um.. something happening to do with some game has kept me from watching it so far! Also note, iPlayer content is only available for a week to download, but I think you then have a month to watch it)

ps. I know the temperature is hot out there right now, the title I picked for the post isn’t meant to belittle anyone’s concerns about GOA, the open beta in Europe, or anything like that. It’s simply what I said to Spinks in response to the link in IM – and I was too sleepy to think up a better title.

The big PR public quest (and competition!!!)

Our group consists of:

  • Tanks: Mark Jacobs representing the USA/Oceanic guild
  • Hybrids: Iain C representing the EU guild (EU got their tank removed, so they need a hybrid)
  • Healers: James@Mythic representing the USA/Oceanic guild, Magnus representing the EU guild – they have some rudimentary crowd control abilities
  • DPS: Paul Barnett, Josh Drescher, Jeff Hickman, Carrie Gouskos representing the USA/Oceanic guild, Mark Jacobs representing the EU guild

Stage 1: PR gets rolling (the EU guild get to design their own stage of this public quest, if it goes well, they get additional contribution bonuses)

  • Announce new and surprising dates for inviting CE pre-orders into closed beta, not just open as planned
  • Announce that SE pre-orders will also get into headstart and open beta, but that CE pre-orders will also get a preview weekend
  • Announce that 50k SE pre-orders can also get into preview weekend alongside their CE pre-order buddies
  • Invite into closed beta, open code entry for preview weekend and open beta
  • Create a play-on-the-net game to drum up further interest

Stage 2: Unstoppable object trundles onto the scene

  • End closed beta with massive preview weekend
  • Drop the “NDA is lifted” cluster bomb
  • Release new trailer, new round of interviews
  • Open beta launches

Stage 3: Ka-boom!

  • Servers open on the same day worldwide, no crashes reported

Rewards (liable to change and representing different levels of contribution):

  • Good reviews throughout the press
  • 1 million subscribers (or more)
  • Fansites and forums happy with release
  • Good reviews in some of the press
  • 750k subscribers
  • Fansites and forums mostly happy with release
  • T-shirt
  • Dress-your-own Paul Barnett doll (Bright Wizard version)
  • Tin of catfood
  • Thread devoted to you on a forum of your choice

Don’t forget, everyone contributes and has the chance of a reward! And once complete you progress to a much bigger public quest – Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. 

NB: this really isn’t meant to upset anyone, I was just half-asleep and and made a passing comment that the pre-release stuff almost felt like a game in itself.

Competition Time!

On the issue of completely fabricated public quests and in the spirit of open competition – we, the authors of the blog, challenge you to come up with a public quest.

It can relate to anything at all (pop culture, gaming, day-to-day life). Email it in to us and the winner/s will get stuff from Games Day (or tins of cat food, as they desire). Can’t announce prizes, cos no idea what we’ll pick up!