Updates from GOA

I’m not going to hide how disappointed I am that we had to wait until this evening for a proper update from GOA on the situation. But you can follow the status of servers here and here. It tells you whether beta and authentication servers are up. It also tells you population caps as they increase them and what to do about certain specific issues/problems.

We shouldn’t have had to wait all day for an official update. People have been excited about this for months, they have bought from specific vendors purely for the open beta access, and it’s also encouraged others to buy the Collector’s Edition of the game. And those people have already had to wait till afternoon on a sunday because of the ‘simultaneous’ opening of servers worldwide. When they have work on monday morning – and when wasting a day off sitting in front of a computer looking desperately for information that should be available is pretty depressing.

Yes, we all expected the website and servers to get a thorough hammering. Who didn’t? Yes, some of that needs to be tested as part of the open beta. But seriously, to open the registration on the same day as the servers were supposed to go live was a very risky strategy, but GOA were pretty adamant it would all be smooth sailing.

I’m not angry or frustrated. I can play since I was in the closed beta. But I am really really disappointed.

Edit: I still live in hope that everything will be fine soon, however, but I wouldn’t sit around and wait for it.



Mark Jacobs has been speaking about the Preview Weekend experience, mostly to disuss the problems that came out of it and what they’re doing to fix them. They include: client crashes, pathing issues, pet responsiveness and global cooldown as well as some other stuff.

In addition, Josh Drescher has taken part in a Q&A over at Warhammer Alliance which answers some recent questions:

  • Auctions houses and final trade skills are planned to go in before release and are being worked on internerally
  • Stability is one of the main things being worked on
  • Performance is more important than the graphics
  • Open RvR ruleset being worked on with the Elder testers, including the chicken mechanic on such servces
  • Estimated wait times for scenarios is being tested now
  • More character customisation options being worked on
  • For launch, there will be around 40 unique trophies per career