Mark Jacobs hasĀ been speaking about the Preview Weekend experience, mostly to disuss the problems that came out of it and what they’re doing to fix them. They include: client crashes, pathing issues, pet responsiveness and global cooldown as well as some other stuff.

In addition, Josh Drescher has taken part in a Q&A over at Warhammer Alliance which answers some recent questions:

  • Auctions houses and final trade skills are planned to go in before release and are being worked on internerally
  • Stability is one of the main things being worked on
  • Performance is more important than the graphics
  • Open RvR ruleset being worked on with the Elder testers, including the chicken mechanic on such servces
  • Estimated wait times for scenarios is being tested now
  • More character customisation options being worked on
  • For launch, there will be around 40 unique trophies per career

Some answers

Iain C has stopped by the Only-War forums to answer some of their compiled questions. It’s quite a long post, so am not going to quote it all here, but here’s a couple as a taster:

4. Will eu get the same amount of time in open beta as the us?


18. When can we expect a EU Herald?

There won’t be one specifically. Our site combines the features of the Herald and the marketing site. All the community news and info will be available on the one EU site.

You can see the same set of answers over at the Warhammer Alliance thread. We’ll try to keep on top of all the answers coming out from GOA, but will probably pick a few to highlight and give links – a lot’s been asked!

Ask away!

We’re taking part in a bit of a fansite/community event! Wrenn from Warhammer Conflict got a bunch of us together the other night to have a bit of a chat and Snafzg from The Greenskin suggested that we could all work together on answering questions once the NDA drops.

So what’s going to happen is this. A bunch of sites/blogs/community places will take questions. Feel free to add any you have to comments here. The questions will then get compiled into a big list and placed on a neutral site and once the NDA is dead and buried reps from different fansites will go answer the questions. It’ll hopefully save on lots of duplication and effort, but also should end up providing much better answers.

So – fire away and leave any questions you have here and we’ll submit them to this endeavour. Remember though that the NDA is still in place, and very much so right now. So don’t comment on questions asked, and please don’t answer them! Also, there’s no need to duplicate questions on different sites, if you asked them already elsewhere, that’s cool too.