Mark Jacobs announces cutting out 4 cities, 4 classes

Second part of Mark Jacob’s interview with is up, and it’s a doozy.

Main points of interest:

  • There will only be 2 capital cities when the game goes live. Altdorf and the Inevitable City.
  • 4 of the classes will not be in live because of balance issues. These are: Choppa, Hammerer, Blackguard, and Knight of the Blazing Sun.
  • Mythic are working with Punkbuster to counter cheats/ hacks etc.

My view is that it’s better to leave those things out for now rather than putting them in the game in a flawed version. But that won’t be much comfort to people who had their heart set on playing one of the booted classes.

“We tried,” Jacobs said, “we tried to see if we could make them better and we just couldn’t make them great. So we had a choice. Do we put in some non-great careers just because they are iconic, or we cut them out and put them in post-launch if we can get them right, or do we not put them in at all?”

Speaking about his relationship with the community, he adds:

“We’ve always believed that it is important to go to the community with both good news and bad,” he said. “Whether it’s the state of the games, or just talking in the forums, we’re professional enough to confront bad news head on and not try to hide it and not try to play games and wait until the last minute when people have already bought the game to tell them. We will not play those kinds of games.”

This is, however, good news for a possible September release. As said a few weeks back, one of their concerns was whether the other cities would be ready in time. Well, that concern has now been addressed.