Why I don’t do Temple of Isha

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain amount of manic frenzy about standing at an exposed flag and fighting. I enjoy that part of it, but.. from the very first time I saw the map, I can only think of one thing. First, let’s look at the Temple of Isha map:

And now onto my warped mind.. this is what I think of everytime I go into that scenario…

Yes, the female reproductive system, stuck in my head since those lovely sex education classes at school. So, it’s never been a scenario I can take seriously, and I spend more time wondering if the designers missed the likeness. When I mentioned it to my scenario group once (I’ve been kind of tentative to mention, because well.. I wonder if I’m just weird), none of them had thought of it that way… oops. It did lead to a whole scenario worth of jokes about it though! I’ll leave some of those to your imaginations.

Tor Anroc, while popular and crazy never makes my mind wander – so bring it on!

Winenose’s Guide to Resurrection

[Taken from Winenose’s thread on Warhammer Alliance here – I’m spreading the word (with permission), because it’s well-written and sums my feelings up perfectly.]

So, you’re in a scenario and you died. Well, happens to the best of us.

Now you have a decision to make – to respawn or not to respawn. I will try to provide some hints and tips to make this decision easier.

* first look around, take a couple of seconds to assess the situation. You can look around by holding down left mouse button.

* all healers are dead or were zerged far away from where you lie dead – respawn. There’s no point waiting for a miracle.

* there is only one healer (or less) for every group and action is ongoing – respawn. He is too busy with live people, sorry.

* there’s more than one live healer in your group but you died really far away from everyone – respawn. If you’re “too far away” when healer first tries to rez you then very probably won’t get rezzed.

* there’s more than one live healer in your group or the situation is quiet – wait for rez. It will come, may take a bit, but it will come. Also, give a very short description to group about the location of your corpse (and now the really important part) in relation to healer/landmark. Example: “dead in lava north” is good, “dead between east walls” is good, “ffs come back” is bad.

* you are really close to respawn area – respawn. You might get rezzed, you might not, but either way it’s gonna take about half a minute to get to full health, so best to click respawn first and then see if you get rezzed.

Next is for when you get the rez box:

* destros just killed or chased everyone off – do not take rez. You’ll just be giving them free points/exp. Click ‘no’ and respawn.

* you see 2 elves de-stealth near your healer – wait. Only take rez after the elves are dead or run away. They can kill a freshly rezzed person in about 2 seconds, no need to give them a free kill.

* all is quiet – take the rez AND move away from front lines. Freshly rezzed people are prime targets for nukers, so you are best off taking yourself out of their range until you have full health. It’s very important to NOT run straight back into fight at 20% health. Healer will HoT you, give it some seconds, use some potions, buff/stance yourself, look around for stealthing elves, change your tactics, whatever else. But don’t run straight back in. It only takes 10-15 seconds to heal up.

Resurrection for runepriest is 3 second cast, 6 second cooldown, 100ft range.

Resurrection for warrior priest and archmage is 6 second cast, 3 second cooldown, 100ft range.

And try not to die again

PS. This is for guild groups only. When in a pick-up group – always respawn.
Explanation by Novatee: Basically its possible that you may have a generous PUG healer willing to rez you, but often thats not the case so its usually a good idea to just wait a few seconds and then release; that way you’ll likely get a rez if its incoming or at the worst you aren’t wasting time until you respawn.

Don’t be a cop out

Wotcha everyone,

“Let them win”.

I hate that phrase.  It’s everything I hate about online PvP, rolled into one.

When I play, I try to play as a good player.  It’s about being a good loser, as well as a good winner.  It’s about doing my utmost, even when I’m in a situation that’s beyond all hope.

It is also about being a good enemy, one who respects the players fighting against me enough to play to the limit, rather than just give up because I’m losing.

I’ll never understand the mentality of those players whose battlecry is “Let them win”.  I have only encountered it in World of Warcraft, but they seem to be a vocal minority who are so interested in the Honour Points, and only interested in the Honour Points, that they don’t care whether they win or lose, only that the Battleground is over fast, so they can get into the next one.  If a win isn’t achieved fast, they’re only interested in a fast loss.

For them, the PvP is a means to an end.  It’s a grind, a points farming exercise.  They don’t care about the players on their own side, never mind those players they’re up against.  Which is why I find it deeply ironic that they are farming points in something called “Honour”.

I have yet to hear it in Warhammer Online.  And long may that continue.  I’m really enjoying taking part in the Scenarios in Tier 1 and 2.  So far I’ve been in big losses, big wins, and results that have come right down to the wire.  Sometimes they go the full 15 minutes, sometimes they don’t get past 5 minutes.

But the attitude I have found in most is that people want to partake.  That it’s not just about farming Renown or Rank, but it’s about the fun of the game, of the fight.  It’s about taking part, and the pride taken in a win, no matter how hard fought.

So a big thankyou to both my allies and my enemies.  I hope I continue to be worthy of both of you.


Tier 3 Scenarios come in many flavours!

Tip for the day:

For Tier 3 each racial area has two scenarios, not just one. Go to regular WAR symbol to get yourself in queue, and you’ll see arrows at the top, so you can scroll to each of them and join both queues. Also you can queue for them from rank 20 upwards.

We’ve noticed a pattern that only the first of the pair is coming up with any form of regularity, so just doing my public service announcement to try and raise the profile of the underlooked scenarios.

Here’s the full list:

Dwarf/Greenskin: Black Fire Basin, Doomfist Crater

High Elf/Dark Elf: Temple of Isha, Tor Anroc

Empire/Chaos: High Pass Cemetery, Talabec Dam

Stonewalled or Just Stoned?

I was intrigued to see that you can get titles for being killed by different careers as well as for killing them yourself. As I was playing my Archmage, I was wondering what title a Destruction player might get for being killed by me. Well, not me personally, although I think ‘Plinked by Spinks’ is a title that anyone might be proud of. So I thought, it can’t be that hard to check that.

Enter the sacrificial Witch Elf! I decided it would be easier to get myself killed as a melee class with no armour on so I created a Witch Elf on a random server, queued myself up for Khaine’s Embrace, and got stuck into some quests. I didn’t have to wait long. The scenario popped and we trotted up to the nearest flag point. But it was not Calexis’ destiny to stand about defending a flag, she had a mission! So I set off through the tunnel towards the Dance of Swords and some of my hapless team-mates followed me, probably thinking that because I was moving I must have a plan.

Then there was daylight and … yes! The unmistakeable flutter of Archmagely dresses in the distance. I sprinted forwards and tickled one of them with my daggers of level 1 awesomeness. Five different rainbow beams hit me from different directions, but I died happy, and became ‘The Hexed’.

While I was waiting to release back to the starting point, I thought to myself, “Self, that was too easy.” And then I started to wonder about other similar titles. For example, what do you get if a Runepriest kills you? How do you get a Runepriest to kill you?

And this became my Witch Elf quest: to get myself killed by a Runepriest. This was definitely harder because the ‘run ahead of the zerg’ tactic was more likely to get me killed by a Bright Wizard or Archmage, and there weren’t that many dwarves in Khaine’s Embrace in the first place. So I had to try to pick out any Runepriests in the opposite team and somehow make myself look like a tempting, easy target. But without getting sniped by a non-Runepriest first. That was the difficult part.

But eventually, I managed to lure a lone Runepriest away from the others by enticingly presenting my semi-wounded self in his field of vision and throwing a couple of daggers at him. As you can see in the screenshot, the title is ‘The Stonewalled.’ Are there any titles you’ve done some investigative work for?

What we did in closed beta. And chickens!

As you know, we weren’t in the beta that long, but we managed to level chars to late teens and also try out quite a few alts and stuff. We also played some rank 31 templated characters, which is why you’ll see things jump from Tier 2 to Tier 4 (I’ve abbreviated to T1-4)

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed the game and found the characters we’ll be playing as mains. I’ll be twirling a staff as the Rune Priest, Spinks will be looking pretty while creating a light show as an Archmage and Hawley will be both righteous and full of fury as a Warrior Priest. Yes, we all picked healers. It was likely to happen anyway and will in some ways shape what we post about.

We’d be happy, to answer questions on any of these things. And will no doubt be writing more about them later.

Here’s the main things we did, very much summarised and introduced by our chickens:


  • Played Archmage, Ironbreaker, Engineer, Warrior Priest, Magus
  • Quested in T1/T2 Elf, T2 Empire
  • Lots of PQs across all areas visited
  • T1 Scenarios (Elf/Empire)
  • T2 Scenarios (Empire)
  • T4 Scenarios (Empire)
  • Did open field RvR, mostly T4 in Praag, but also some T2
  • Helped in keep takes
  • Bought white pony
  • Fell off high things a lot
  • Checked Empire/Elf starting zones for cool tome unlocks


  • Played Rune Priest, Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter, Archmage, Shaman, Zealot, Swordmaster
  • Quested T1 Dwarf/Empire, T2 Dwarf
  • Lots of PQs across all areas visited
  • T1 Scenarios (Dwarf/Empire)
  • T2 Scenarios (Empire)
  • T4 Scenarios (Elf/Empire)
  • Did open field RvR (T1 and T4, mainly for objectives)
  • Bought gyro-harness
  • Fell off everything a lot
  • Checked out Dwarf starting area for cool tome unlocks


  • Played Warrior Priest, Archmage, Engineer and Witch Hunter
  • Quested T1/T2 Empire, T1 Elf, and T1 Dwarf
  • Lots of PQs across all areas
  • T1 Scenarios (Empire/Elf)
  • T2 Scenarios (Empire/Elf)
  • Tier 1 and Tier 4 Open RvR. Did a lot of keep defense in T4
  • Bought brown horse. Put brown horse on diet
  • Usually fell off high things whilst filling in feedback forms
  • Was slow to realise the potential of the Tome of Knowledge
  • Got lost a lot, especially in caves


  • Formed guild
  • Got to rank 8.5, nearly to banner design! (they there was a wipe for T4 testing)
  • Chaos night – all made rank 1 Chaos chars and went to do PQs
  • Tested calendar
  • Tested player notes

You always hurt the ones you love


Out in the Ettenmoors in LotRO as my weaver, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the name of someone I know running towards me, and then seeing them killed. We laugh about it when not in PvMP (player vs monster player, as it is in that game). I like to think they get the same buzz out of killing me too.

The same happened on DAoC with RvR. Ok, so it’s not quite the same, because we could only play one realm per server (as WAR will be), but it didn’t take long for a few players to become pretty ‘famous’ in the RvR zones. I always preferred being killed by one of these famous people than by someone I’d never heard of, and in the same vein I got an extra buzz from seeing them brought down.

And that seems the mark of a good, healthily competitive server community. Sure there will be whines on either side, complaints about ganking, zergfests and all the other emotive issues that come hand-in-hand with PvP. But there’s also a chance for some friendly banter on server forums (whichever forum you and your server-mates pick out of the ones that are going to spring up as soon as we get the server names). I hope it goes that way, especially on the server I play on!


We were discussing yesterday how much more fun and personal PvP (or RvR) can be when you recognise a lot of the names you see both among your realm mates and the opposing team. Like Arbitrary says, people collect reputations, and it is a buzz to be involved in a fight with one of the top names on the server and their tricked out group. Sure, most of the time you may lose but that one time when you didn’t is the one you will be talking about for a long time. My husband still grins when talking about the time in DaoC when our group managed to surprise and kill one of the top name Hibbie groups on the server and his name went out in the zone-wide kill spam.

In WoW, veteran players will remember that servers used to be like this. You used to only ever see characters from your own server in battlegrounds, and it did give each server a better sense of community. They changed it and allowed cross-server queues and battlegrounds as a fix to realm balance issues. In the ‘old days’ it could take hours (or even days) for some of the battlegrounds to come up, because there just weren’t enough people queueing. These days, your PvP groups will be full of strangers with weird names who you may never see again, but you don’t have to queue very long at all. It changed the feel of battleground PvP immensely and it became a dull impersonal experience that no one really cared about.

Although there are still many questions about population balance that need to be answered, I am sure we won’t be queueing for days to get /some/ PvP action. And there will be a lot of scenarios running, if only because RvR is so engrained into the game (unlike WoW, where a lot of people have no interest) and although not everyone likes the scenario-style mini-game, it is a good way to get a quick fair fight. We’re both looking forwards to killing people we recognise and being killed by them in WAR! How about you?