September 23rd?

So by now you’ll all probably have read the heavy speculation about September 23rd being the release date. It’s been reported all over the place, mainly because the EA site in Singapore gave that date. We’re bound to find out for sure whether this is the plan or not, it’s plausible but there’s still the guild beta and open beta to get through first.. and some time needed for early access (unless Sept 23rd is that date).

I have no amazing insight into whether this will happen or not. I did glance at my work schedule and figure out it’s not the greatest date for me, nor is it the worst. Except it means we need those big announcements of date and subscription cost quite soon.

Which reminds me, just saw this over at Videogamer and thought you all might be interested in GOA’s comment on the release date:

When contacted for comment this morning GOA refused to confirm or deny the release date, but did provide a statement: “Yes we will be announcing a release date extremely soon.”

Anyway, in the meantime, I thought I’d check out what else happened in history on September 23rd!

  • First commercial production of chewing gum
  • Billy the Kid arrested for the first time
  • Nintendo Koppai (later Nintendo) founded in 1889, made a card game
  • Norway and Sweden sign the Karlsbad treary
  • Euripides, Kubla Khan and Augustus Ceasar born
  • Sigmund Freud, Pablo Neruda and Bob Fosse died

Not a bad little list, eh?