Dual-language servers

Servus (edited to add: I mean Fusl, my mistake 🙂 ) asked what we thought about the idea of dual-language servers for Europe. ie. the idea that Order could be English speaking and Destruction German for example. (Thanks for writing, it was a good question and just to be clear: GOA are not planning any of these, it’s just a hypothetical question.)

I think that the idea of an English vs German or German vs French server would not be good for European Unity 🙂

I’m not personally keen on anything that would encourage Real Life jingoism and nationalism in my game. We get enough of that in the real world, and I like that on EU servers I can play alongside different nationalities. On the game mechanics side though, it would largely resolve the issue of players being able to communicate across faction. Apart from those pesky bilinguals of course.

What I’d love to see though is a version of Bloodbowl in the game. I’m really hoping Mythic find a way to do that in some expansion or other. I could get behind national teams in that. But being in a game where I have to fight Destruction because they are French in real life … nah, do not like.

And if you think that’s bad, imagine just for a brief moment a server on which one side was European and the other side American.