Why blog?

It may not have escaped some people’s notice that I’ve been a bit down recently. Some of it is the lull in play, though I’ve managed to get in some LotRO with friends. Some of it is the evil that is real life – let’s not talk about that one, and some of it is just general grump. We all have that in us.

And it’s made me a bit quieter than normal. This morning, I’m contemplative. I remember that only a few days ago I emailed back my answers to The Order of Destruction about blogging and Warhammer. And it reminded me of something I wanted to say. Right now, days before open beta, not long before the headstart and the launch.

By the time the game launches, Book of Grudges will be 4 months old. It’s been quite a time for us.

And I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s stopped by, commented, linked to us, emailed and made us feel part of the community. I’d name specific names, but really there are too many, and that’s pretty astounding in and of itself. It’s definitely been a novel and enjoyable experience for all of us (I’ll include Hawley in this, even though he’s a relative newcomer, I know he’s pretty blown away by it all).

And that’s not why we started blogging. But it’s why we continue to.

I guess I’m really taking a moment out of my grump to say:

We love you guys, and thanks!