More Healers’ Rights!

Those of you who’ve followed the blog for quite sometime might remember an old post dating from September. Wow, that really is old! Anyway, in this post I griped a bit about the lack of tome unlocks for healers.

It’s taken a while for the meme to get out there, and let’s face it, my post had nothing to do with this at all, but there’s a similar thread over at the Vault at the moment. Now THAT’s how to get Mark Jacobs’ attention, not in some blog post on a little out-of-the-way blog!! If you check that thread, Mark’s replied saying he’ll look into it.

I know there are concerns that healing unlocks wouldn’t be open to everyone. But really, the ones for killing blows aren’t especially open to me, as things stand.

So keep up the momentum, and maybe we’ll get some achievements for healing/rezzing/whatever else it is we want them for.  I still want them, so off to post in that thread with my support!


Healers’ Rights!

It all sprung from an innocent comment Spinks made to me that she’d not yet seen a tome unlock for healing. Neither have I. Nor anyone I know. And that does strike me as strange, since there are so many for killing, surviving, etc. I know it’s  probably to make all tome unlocks avaible to all, I really do. But let me tell you, the chances of my Rune Priest getting more than a handful of killing blows on enemy players.. not that high!

Then we move onto the hoary old chestnut about healing people, and whether we do it or not. I’ve seen a few trolls on forums move in to say ‘hey guys, why don’t you do your job and heal’. Well, there’s not much to say to that. Remember the mechanics some of the healers are working with. Hawley just has to unleash his Righteous Fury in order to heal you/me and Spinks’ laser zaps increase or speed up her healing. My debuff means I take less damage, and yes, hey.. you might see me cast a spell that doesn’t seem to increase your health. That doesn’t mean I’m not being a good healer.

Let us learn our classes and how Mythic have diversified them, we’ll let you learn yours and try not to bitch quite so much about how little protection we often get. It’s a new game, with new healing systems and the majority of players are in Tier 2 somewhere.. there’s still a lot to learn about tactics, mastery lines, morale abilities, gear, etc.

Also, remember that our utility grows as we level up. It takes a while to get a big heal (rank 8), so before that all we can do is spam. Some of the heals are over time, so it may not seem as if you get the spike heal you wanted. Shields are good! They give us more time to get to the spike thing. And, don’t worry, healers bitch just as much, if not more if they think other healers aren’t doing their job.

Oh, and when your healer runs off to get the Mourkain artifact.. it’s not a BAD tactic. Healers are pretty good at keeping one another up.

ps. please, could we have some tome unlocks for healing?

A title a day

I think it’s safe to say that we all love the Tome of Knowledge unlocks and titles that they grant. There’s a certain buzz from seeing an uncommon title, an even bigger buzz from getting one.

But, I’ve also found them quite useful to reflect my state of mind. My favourite one so far to use for day-to-day travels is ‘The Above Average’- it cheers me up and makes me feel special. I like ‘Pin Cushion’ when in RvR, since hey… I’m a healer, it’s a fair description.

Today, I was waiting for Spinks to get back to our group after breakfast and became ‘The Impatient’. And after a 30 min cycle ride with my husband I shall be equipping ‘Accident Prone’ (no comment on why, but ‘ow’).

I don’t know if anyone else uses their titles that way, but it amused me today to switch them around according to my daily life, and I hope Mythic can keep me well in stock of mood-related ones I can use to let people know how I’m feeling.

So, what’s your favourite title so far, whether you have it or not?

things I didn’t know: 1

I was trawling the news sites for any info about WAR (something I do so much more regularly now) and I came across this little interview with the games developers. Most of it is stuff I already knew about the game, and it’s a decent little read.. but then I came across this snippet:

There seems to be a real depth of narrative in Age Of Reckoning that’s perhaps missing from most online games.

It’s a hard role in an MMOG. You constantly fight against the need for narrative, and the push against it by players or designers who don’t think that it’s important. You have to balance out the impact on the game. So what we’ve done is tied it in to the Tome of Knowledge. So we have this great narrative. There’s, I believe, a prologue and 22 chapters for every race. As you move through the game, physically, you’ll get a ‘Tome Unlock’. Boom – you’ve entered chapter three. You open up your Tome and sure enough, there’s all the information about chapter three. All the information about public quests there, about the rewards you can gain in that chapter by gaining influence, and two or three pages of the story behind that chapter, which is cool because it tells the story about the things that are happening around you. You read the story, and then you go do the quests, and it all ties together.

So, you don’t have to read the story. But if you open up the Tome and read a couple of pages each chapter, it really makes it very fulfilling. It ties together so well. We try to keep quest text fairly short, and try to tie it in to the narrative of each chapter, and then if we have a lot of lengthy text we put that in the Tome. We start to tell this story that Warhammer players have previously had to imagine.”

Is it bad I didn’t know about this role of the Tome of Knowledge?

I already thought the Tome was a good idea, but now it’s become central to why I think WAR will hook me right from the start. I love narrative in games, it’s what can set apart a good game from a phenomenal game – and if they can really crack getting a good narrative into an MMORPG, and a narrative I can go and read at a later date when I’m not rushing to find where I’m supposed to be.. then I’ll be in love with it. Hope it turns out exactly as they have described it though, or I’ll be sad 🙂

NB: for other fans of the Tome of Knowledge, Massively have just posted a short interview with some more links and info about it.

crafting interview

Mark Jacobs gives Gamespy an overview of crafting. Highlights include discussion of grinding crafts, goldfarmers, philosophy behind crafting in WAR and more cool stuff about the Tome of Knowledge (at the end, but it’s beginning to fascinate me – we can read each others? Neat!)