Syp moves on

The biggest name inĀ  WAR blogging is leaving behind his Waaagh blog and moving to a more general gaming blog at Bio Break. I know how he feels on any number of levels and wish him all the best in his new blog, which I always enjoy reading anyway!)

Really, I know from experience it’s not easy to close a blog, especially one that has a bit of a name for itself. And I know the draw to talk about more than one game, which is specifically why Spinks moved to Spinksville and I mostly moved to Nerf the Cat (but bizarrely Book of Grudges came back for the Age of Blogging month and hasn’t quite died again.. yet!).

Syp has always been a great supporter of blogs, blogging and the community. When he left us one of our first comments, we were really touched that someone so big had found our little experiment. And his support helped us to keep going, so while Waaagh will be missed, I look forward to continuing to read his work over at Bio Break.

More spots for EU guilds in beta!

Do you run an EU-based guild that hasn’t applied for guild beta? It’s not too late!

Get on over to Freddyshouse and explain to GOA why they should let you in. You have a week and a half to convince IainC and the GOA team that you deserve one of the spare spots. He suggests:

Make us laugh, write a story, write a poem, explain your guild through a flowchart or interpretative dance. Whatever makes your guild stand out from the rest.

Tantalisingly, there are already flowcharts, The Unnamed have offered to perform their interpretive dance at Games Day (we will SO be there to call you guys on that one, with cameras!), and a pregnant woman has offered to name her firstborn Waaaagh! if her guild gets a spot.

Well, that’s one baby who’d be able to say his or her own name straight out of the cot. (Is Waaagh a girls’ name? If so, would that make her a WAG(h)? Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)