The Parody Returns

Orlock over at Warhammer Geek has got his writing pen out and created another fun-filled Warhammer parody song, along with Jethal Silverwing’s dulcet tones. This time it’s the High Elves and Crazy Elf Swordsmaster. Head on over and check it out, and if you haven’t heard the rest of the parody songs, make sure you listen to those too!

Sing along with Warhammer Geek!

So I was listening last night to the latest Podcast of Reckoning, which weighs in at a lengthy 1hr 15 mins, but fits into that a long interview with Josh Drescher, and another one with Beibhinn of the Warhammer Vault.

To show how wide-ranging the interview was, The Greenskin has picked out 50 Tidbits of Information that Josh let slip about the guild beta. I was also pretty impressed that Beibhinn correctly predicted that Spain would win the European Cup and that the other presenters pronounced her name correctly.

But to my enduring shame, I hadn’t previously realised how great the musical parodies are that Warhammer Geek produces. Go check them out here, then sing along with me …

Warrior Priests
Through Steel & Flame
Chaos Falls In Sigmar’s name.
Battling Chaos, In the Empire’s Name
Chaos Falls In Sigmar’s name.

Yeah! And just for the record, I have never owned a poster of Bon Jovi.