Twitter ye Not!

Twitter, my new pastime. It’s a mini-game within the internet, and though I’ve been using it a while it’s really just exploded. You can follow celebs like Stephen Fry, or nobodies like me. And with this new explosion, there’s also a ton of interesting gaming-related twitterpeeps you can follow and interact with in what can only be described as static instant messaging. Personally, I love it. You may hate it, but with it getting into the news, you can guarantee it’s about to get even bigger.

Some twitters I think you should follow (I’m not going to put people’s personal ones… yet, but you can probably find a BUNCH of WAR bloggers and others on twitter with a bit of detective work – or asking people ;p): WARHerald, RockPaperShot, Massively 

Twitter also allows for something called hash tags. If you use a hash tag in a post, such as #Warhammer it can then be searched together with all other posts with the same tag. So I’m thinking, what we need is to agree on a tag for us all to use if we have a twitter post up of interest to the WAR community (using #WAR might be a bit scary considering #war, so we probably need something else). Suggestions gratefully received!!

Also, I’m thinking of making a blogroll-type thing with all the Gaming/WAR-related twitter feeds/people. If you want to be included, then leave a comment here, or tweet me!

(and thanks to Spinks for the much more awesome title for the blog post)