Tinker, Tailor, Shaman … Witch Hunter?

Wotcha everyone,

Just so you all know, I’m just having a lovely brew, and having a cogitate about what to do in the open beta phase.

Should I just use Open Beta as a dry run for release?  Should I create a Warrior Priest and level up?

Should I create a class I wouldn’t normally have, such as an Ironbreaker, and see how other classes play?

Or should I ignore Order completely, and play Destruction for a week?

All three have their benefits, and their penalties.

Playing a Warrior Priest means I’ll be playing the early levels for a third time at release, and maybe that’s one time too many for it to be classed as fun.  But it does mean I’ll have practiced it enough to get out of the early levels with a minimum of fuss and bother, hopefully meaning I can out-pace the masses through the starter areas…

Playing Destruction will mean I can try out that Shaman I’ve had my eye on (skull as hat!), or follow a slinky, well-formed Witch Elf bottom around for a week (for testing purposes only, of course), but also means that the “mystique” of my enemies will be lessened.  I will understand a little more about their skills, quests, and items.  It will make them less…  alien.

So I think I’m going to choose what’s in the box.  I shall hold an audition of sorts, for my initial alts.  I generally try and get two or three characters up to maximum level, and usually have a number of other alts at varying levels.  I find it gives me more options regarding grouping up and doing stuff in game.

I already know that I want a Warrior Priest, an Engineer, and an Archmage.  So now is the time to find out what else is cool.  I’m thinking Witch Hunter (because I’m shallow, and they look great), and Swordmaster (because I do, at times, enjoy tanking, and the Swordmaster seems to have a cool mechanic).

Brew’s over.  Time to get the kettle on again.  God bless tea!  But hey, if anyone has a reason to try another class out, just shout it out…  😉