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arbitrary: Playing LotRO in the run up to Warhammer’s release, I’m a bit of a healer fan and fully intend to be playing an Order side healer on release. I’m in my late 30s, have been RPing since a teen and MMOing since DAoC launched in Europe. I live in the North East of England, though I’m a Londoner by birth. Spinks is one of my two sisters – yes, we’re both female and we both adore MMORPGs.

Spinks: What she said. Except I live in the South East, with my husband and cat. Playing Horde in Warcraft at the moment with a bit of light raiding on my resto druid and fury (or sometimes protection) warrior. But WoW is not what I’m here to talk about.

Read an interview with us at Waaagh Insider and another over at Warhammer Alliance.

And introducing Hawley:

I love tea.  A lot.  In fact, some people have stated that without a constant supply of tea, I become somewhat “tetchy”.  Ah well.  I also have a mild online gaming addiction, with my favoured role being “healer”.  I am a geek, and proud.  “Look on the number of my geeky hobbys, ye Mighty, and despair”.  I also have a never-ending supply of opinions, some of which aren’t irrational.  Oh, and Warhammer Online gives me a warm feeling in my tummy.

You can contact us through comments or via email.

Here’s how to find us in game.

11 Responses

  1. Keep it up ladies!

    I check it daily but then you knew I would

    “They’re Short, They’re round, they bounce along the ground!” so true!

    Loving it all so far.

  2. Good luck with it, guys!

  3. Oh no, I forgot to mention my lovely cats (who are posing for the PvP pic on the blog)

  4. Hello Linnet!

    Add my blog to your blogroll too!

  5. Arbitary, thanks for the link love. I also added your link for the masses to view 😀

  6. You guys rock my blogosphere. Something about your site eats at my brain though. A tiny little smiley face, which seems to be spying on me, constantly, from the backdrop of your page, on the right.

    What is that little creepster up to?

  7. it’s something to do with the template and I think only viewable in Firefox, ie. I have no idea. I wish I could do my own design, I really do. Then I could put in tiny demonic faces ;p

  8. It is apparently also viewable in Opera @_@

  9. Great blog ladies 🙂 Not sure which server of Daoc you were on… I may know you from playing on Hib Excalibur? I was a druid called Adlatus 🙂

    Anyways I am just launching a new blog site called, check it out and add it to your blog roll if possible (ill link back to your blog on our links page when its up and running).



  10. By the way how come I can’t get DVD’s over here in the states of that awesome show the IT CROWD. I don’t want no watered down version here in the states like they did to the Office.

  11. Great site Ladies! Your husbands are lucky men indeed! I wish my wife would show even the slightest interest in WOW or WAR. At least my two oldest children(daughter 24, son 20) join me in both in raiding and just having fun on both WOW and WAR!!
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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