It’s linktime again!

There’s a new blog on the block which is all about the Archmages, and is fittingly called Archmagery. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one, cos after all, we love Order and it’s great to have some more class-specific content.

Kieron Gillen continues his series of discussions with Paul Barnett over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, this time concentrating on why Paul doesn’t go to GDC.

Warhammer Alliance have posted an interview with Art Director Greg Grimsby.

And the latest edition of Frontline is out (link is to a .pdf). This edition has a dwarf theme with articles on “Jetpacks for Dummies” and a dwarf report from the front.

The official US Warhammer Online site published episode 6 of Scenarios 101, a look at the Gates of Ekrund and Mourkain Temple.

You know you love statistics – so head over here and add your own statistics so bloggers have something to write about in the future!

The MTV Multiplayer blog examines the recent furore about female characters doing less damage than male ones in Age of Conan, checks out what people are saying at other sites/blogs and notices there are some players out there who would welcome such gender differences in game (if female chars were better at sewing and cooking). No comment.

Josh Drescher talks about his summer travel plans. They include E3, Comic Con, Games Convention (Leipzig) and PAX. Bah, if only we could make it to Leipzig – but if anyone’s planning on going and wants to let us know all about it, no problem-o! Not sure if that means he won’t be at Games Day UK, since it’s strictly not in the summer, but am sure we’ll hear more soon who’s attending.

Josh also mentions he’ll be blogging E3 for TenTonHammer, so that should be fun to read, and something to keep an eye out for.

Games Radar takes a look at some Wikipedia statistics, comparing computer game mentions with their real life counterparts for example, Call of Duty vs World War 2. Kind of amusing, not very surprising though.

Warhammer Vault has posted its July competition – write a back story for your character and submit it by July 28th for the chance to win two weeks’ VIP status on the boards and a title of your own choosing (within certain limits, of course).

Paul Barnett shares some thoughts about the beta over at CVG.

Develop, a site for gaming professionals, talks about the Game Localisation Round Table that took place in May. It touches on issues surrounding localisation of games and there was a speaker from EA there. Most interesting to us was a comment about how cultural and linguistic bugs, caused by translation could effect immersion for players.

A shortish preview of Warhammer Online has been published over at TGR.

And to end as we started, another new Warhammer blog takes to the stage called Boathammer: Age of Bloggening – looks like a promising start, so check it out.


2 Responses

  1. From the preview at TGR:

    “What most impressed us about the game was the scale involved; we can chat you guys up all night about the game’s lengthy feature list, but seeing them all in action and working together to drive RvR combat is something that is hard to describe. Players of all kinds will find a niche in Warhammer Online, no matter their skill or devotion to the game, that will be useful in the big picture. Giving everyone a chance is something that many modern MMOs fail to do, and EA Mythic has taken that challenge in stride”.

    Just reading that fills me with joy 🙂

  2. I love seeing new blogs out there thanks for finding them!

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