I’ve had a number of chat with people over the weekend and they’ve all been around a similar topic. For the first time in our lives we’re going to have two MMOs active at one time. For me, it’s LotRO and WAR – and mostly because of LotRO’s lifetime subscription. But always in the background, during my WAR time, I’ll have my LotRO characters waiting for me to breath some life into them – especially when the Moria expansion comes out sometime towards the end of the year.

Others have WoW and Lich King around at the same time as WAR. That’s trickier in some ways because both games need their monthly fee to keep active. At least, after the free month that comes with the game purchase for WAR. So in that case I know at least a couple of people who are letting their WoW accounts come to an end, but not cancelling. The implication being that at some point they will switch from one to the other and probably back again, as required.

Whatever our own personal situations, it does strike me that for the first time I’m not making the choice of giving up one game to play another – and I honestly never thought I’d have two MMOs on the go at the same time. Maybe there’s someone out there with more experience of the time-split and how it can work successfully?

So how about it? Are you mono-game-ous or will you be splitting your time at all? Any tips on how it all works?

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  1. I’m definitely mono-game-ous. Mastering an MMORPG is a big commitment. You can either be really good at one or half-assed at more than one. I guess it depends on how hardcore you are.

  2. I think that’s what we’re currently debating/discussing. The lifetime sub means that LotRO will always be an option for me, but it’s the first time in my life that starting a new game hasn’t meant actually cancelling an old one.

    It’s a bit scary in a weird way.

  3. If you don’t mind paying for two subscriptions, then there would be no harm in playing both. My aim for WAR is to get to the endgame as quickly as possible and I definitely don’t think I could do that playing two MMOs.

    You could always have a break from LotRO and come back to it in a month. You should have got a good feeling for WAR by then.

  4. I think the current plan is to rest LotRO until the Moria expansion (currently planned for Oct/Nov) and then see how it goes. I don’t pay subs for LotRO at all since I bought the lifetime one when it came out. So it’s always just there in the background.

    I probably should have made it clearer that I probably won’t play it much in the first month of WAR – unless I pop on to say hi to guild and stuff.

  5. I’m a switcher myself. WoW used to be my only-mmo, until Lotro was released…that’s when the mmo hopping began…1 month of this, 1 month of that…i’ve done all the end-game hardcore raiding, and i’ve had enough of that…i like the freedom now. The main reason to keep playing wow is because my guildies have become more then friends, they’re like family now…but thanks to the wonderfull world of facebook i manage to stay in touch with them even outside of the virtual game worlds.
    But having 2 mmo’s run at the same time? I can’t afford that, and i wouldnt want to do it…with such limited playtime that comes with the house,job, bf, pets routine i can only play 1 game at a time anyways…so for the 18th september-17th october it will be only WAR for me

  6. I have a Guild Wars subscription (no monthly fees), I played WoW (got reeaaally bored of it but that’s not to discuss here), I played CoV/CoH, tried a couple of free-to-play MMOs (like the really out-of-the-box Drift City, Space Cowboy Online (which is AirRivals now) and Dance!Online). I bought the preorder CE of WAR and already have a group of friends to start a guild with. I have a hell lot of offline games I play with. Usually there is (or, there was) at least 6-8 different games installed on my computer.

    Thing is, everything depends on who you play with. Sometimes I logged in to Guild Wars not to play, just to chat with friends there. If you have a gread guild, or regular teammates in one game, you’ll tend to play that game more often. Of course that also depends on your preferences – if you prefer soloing, or just grinding/farming, you’ll play games offering that. But in that case, WAR is not your game. By friends’ reports (they’re in the closed beta, those lucky bastards) WAR is about teams, because even if all characters can do most things (like, they all have self heals and such), you’ll get beaten up fast if you’re running around alone. Also you don’t have to do grinding and farming, mostly because the game is about PvP and you can advance with PvPing only.

    As for myself, I’ll play WAR for most of the time, especially when there’s a guild event, and play other games, when I’m “getting too much”, or feel the urge to have a break. Or, when I have only a short time to play. Of course, WAR will be my first choice, especially because I’ll have friends there (Guild Wars is kinda exhausted, and all my friends there are usually offline, waiting for GW2).

  7. I’m just two bosses away from the “End” of WoW, at least until the expansion comes out, so there’s no way I can stop playing it yet. But I just log on at raid time, put in my four hours of wipes on Mu’ru, and then log off. I think I’ll have plenty of time to level my future Dwarf engineer, too!

  8. Wow, cool. I raided the first few bosses of BT and Hyjal but then my raid split up so I spent most of the time hanging out in a more casual guild with some friends. It was fun but I did like the higher end raiding, just not the time involved at 4 raids a week. And playing Horde on a RP-PvE server, there really arent’ a lot of raid guilds to have the option of finding one that raided less.

    But in WoW, I know that I can forget raiding in the expansion unless I put a lot of time into getting a character ready, or let my friends carry me. That doesn’t really make me feel good about it. I’m thinking that I do want to level because I love their quests and levelling environment. But I don’t think I have the urge to really finish out a character any more after that.

  9. At present I am MMO refugee.

    In the past, I have played 1 MMO at a time due to the time+cost factors.

    I am considering a WoW return to get the MMO mindset in place for WAR & to try the last class in that game I have yet to play, the priest.

    Once WAR is indeed with us – that will be my MMO playing unless someone comes along & offers to pay me for my time!

  10. I’m pretty much into serial monogamy regarding online games, as opposed to my attitude towards BFs. I just feel that the reward for spending all my attention on one item is much greater and that there is very little to gain from a single night playing another one. But eventually I get less and less satisfaction from the game and after a few years I go looking for another to entertain me.

  11. I’m an MMO refugee too, looking forward to really getting my teeth into WAR.

    I think its genuinely difficult to play two MMO’s to the same degree – Guilds and groups of friends will often want to level through at equivalent rates and that becomes tricky if time gets divided…

  12. I’m just playing other games as a way to make the time go faster until I can play WAR. Seriously, I would give my left foot for a beta spot right now 😉

  13. pve with lotro, pvp with war. that’s my philosophy

  14. I’m pretty much with Thallian on this. I have a lifetime sub for LotrO and will definitely be popping in and out (and am sooo thankful that I did the lifetime sub thing.. I was so indecisive at the time!) and WAR I think complements it quite well.
    I really need a four-day weekend and three hour working week though.

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