Wotcha everyone,

I had occasion to leave my pc, and venture out into the world yesterday.  And whilst on the bus, I saw a little vignette that stuck in my memory.

There was a cat sleeping on the downstairs window-sill of a terraced house, with an old lady unsuccessfully attempting to drag off a small, yappy dog that *just* couldn’t reach the cat (still calmly sleeping outside, on the window-sill), no matter how hard it strained and jumped.  I chuckled.  It was a perfect display of the age-old battle between cat and dog.

A while later, I am reminded of this state of affairs whilst engaging in Tier 2 scenarios with guildmates.  At one point, I am standing alongside a rune-priest guildmate, when we are attacked by an enemy tank each.

Now, the only thing slower than a healer/tank fight is healer on healer, but hey, we’re having fun, so why not?  We both decided to stick it out, so I detaunt the tank attacking me, start the mutual healing that really works between Rune Priest and Warrior Priest (The Healing That Dare Not Speak Its Name), and start smacking the tank that’s attacking my dwarf compatriot.

A couple of minutes later, the tank that had been chain detaunted by the both of us for the last couple of minutes just… left us.  No doubt crying, and looking for someone he could actually hurt.  Leaving us giggling like naughty schoolboys when we finally gain our tank kill a minute later.

So, there we have it.  Give me a detaunt, and I’ll use it.  And then ignore you, up on my window-sill.  In fact, I love my detaunt.  It has saved me so many times in PvE it’s silly, and means that being attacked by two mobs is no more scary than being attacked by one.

In RvR, it means I can survive a little longer when I’m jumped by a couple of people, hopefully long enough for help to arrive.  It means that fights are more tactical, and therefore more fun.  So I applaud it.  All games should have detaunts like this one.


5 Responses

  1. I really learned to love my detaunts in T2! I even learned not to attack the thing I had just detaunted 🙂 It is a really great abiltiy for healers.

    I think some of the tanks can nulllify a detaunt though, which is just rude.

  2. Oh, yes! I especially love when that big ol’ Chosen guy thinks he can just whomp on that pretty princess elf in the dress (me, the Archmage). Sorry, no. I will DoT you to death and detaunt and shoot my hand lazer in your face until you die. And laugh.

  3. See, this is what I mean about not attacking the thing you just detaunted 😉

  4. Not attacking the thing you just detaunted is a whole new skillset!

  5. On average it takes four of you Order folk approx. 5 minutes to take me down. (I’ve put it to the test a few times.)

    Tanking in some other games can be a daunting task when multiple mobs or players are gnashing at your flesh, WAR makes it a lot more enjoyable.

    I have yet to see a Rune Priest use detaunt on me, perhaps it would change the outcome a little. That said, often I find that I am the only orc who is actually taunting in the first place!

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