Loot from Keep Takes

One of the joys of playing an MMO is that after each patch, you get to see how player behaviour changes and adapts. Players will always find ways to surprise developers, it’s what we do.

And apparently one of the outcomes of the new “more loot for all” regime of three gold bags per keep take is that on some realms, Order and Destruction are deliberately avoiding fighting each other so that they can instead carry on taking and retaking keeps to maximise their loot.

Frankly if you are on one of these realms, you have no one to blame but yourself. If your ‘team’ is doing this, what is stopping you from going and defending your keeps? It only takes a few people (with siege engines) to mount a competent defence. Stop being lame and go fight already! There’s good fun, renown, and xp to be had from Open World RvR and it sounds to me as though the extra loot has certainly done a lot to encourage that.

I’m going to take devil’s advocate though and also note that this is not a major critical issue:

1/ The worst thing that happens is that people get geared up more quickly. There’s no huge benefit to getting the gold loot bag more than once.

2/ It does get people out into Open RvR. The more people out there, the less likely that anyone can stop the feisty ones from provoking fights. It’s why they’re playing the game in the first place.

3/ It does however speak of player frustration at the way Mythic has structured their gear progression. People want the Annihilator gear because of the wards on it which will let them progress to other encounters. And it’s frustrating to get that at the moment, not only because of the paucity of gold bags but because of the inconsistencies of the contribution system.

And on that  note, I cannot disagree more with Regis@Wizards&Wenches who thinks that the wrong people are getting loot on keep takes. When they sort out contribution bonuses so that healing is properly recognised, THEN we can talk about rewarding higher contributions more. If I only heal at a keep take, I come almost bottom and it sucks (note: if I go into a keep take in full INT gear and dps as well as heal, I can do quite well, which isn’t helpful if people really need the healing). Everyone who has helped at all needs a chance to get the loot. If anyone thinks I am going to continue doing keep takes just to see the same people walk off with the loot all the time because they happen to be playing classes or specs that the system favours, they have another think coming.

None of this would matter if Mythic just got rid of their stupid ward system, frankly. They’ve already backed out one change they planned to make to this, and Keen writes about why that was a good thing to do here.

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  1. I already came to that decision several weeks ago, and don’t do keep takes because there’s no reward for my Ironbreaker. The way to get rewarded as a tank is debuffing, so my Chosen tends to do well, or holding aggro. Since there is typically a Swordmaster also in a warband, and Swordmasters have better aggro holding tools, I’m not chosen to be main tank, and therefore have no chance of getting rewarded. So unless my guild is involved I have no incentive to RVR to take keeps.

    During the Witching time, I was involved in a lot of the kills generated, but each time the lord popped I ended up in like 64th place.

    Add in the time that an enemy player is worth only one realm point after being killed, and even with the 100% bonus there is no reason to choose open field RVR over scenarios. Scenarios are relatively balanced, and you aren’t penalized for killing someone who died a bit ago. I mean if they can get full realm points from me, I should be able to get it from them. Excluding maybe 5 or 10 seconds after they’ve been rezzed perhaps.

    Now PQ’s are a different story, as I have a better chance there with them being smaller scale. So I do PQ’s. I do what the system rewards me for… no free will of my own. Heh.

  2. They really need to sort out keep rewards if the gear in the gold bags is going to be required (or even not mandatory but really quite helpful) for progression. Even as a Bright Wizard I’ve been getting zero contribution on keep takes, possibly something to do with only being level 32 in tier 4, but probably ‘cos by the time I’ve fought through a mass of bodies on the stairs, with FPS down to about 0.1, tried to find a target in the seething mass of humanity and particle effects (tab frikkin’ targeting often deciding that *obviously* you want to be setting fire to some player’s corpse rather than the keep lord), and cast a spell or two, the Lord is down.

    And *then* there’s bloody random rolls, don’t start me on them (ack, too late), I don’t like to talk about the Gunbad run with, what, 10 or 12 of us I think, when we completed about 8 public quests, possibly more, I was often right up there on contributions, and ended up with ONE GREEN BAG FROM THE WHOLE THING! GRAAAAAGH ZOSO SMASH! (aaand, relax, deep breaths).

    Anyway, with at least 56 people rolling for three gold bags, that’s a hell of a lot of keep taking needed to get everyone kitted out, even ignoring the buggered contribution system. Maybe they could hand out tokens, so even if you don’t win a bag you can cash 10 or 20 or however many in for some gear. Still encourages the war-oboros, though, rather than defending.

  3. Keep contributions are screwed, I walked into the end of a keep, literally i was just through the keep doors and got 9th ranked contribution, another time i was lagging behind the warband and got to the keep lord just as he was downed i got 3rd ranked contribution. I’ve now had two gold bags and there is nothing for me in them anymore, I wish the bag could be passed on as I like keep taking (and the renown) but i have no need for anymore manes of the annihilator.

  4. Oh god, Open RvR has turned into Alterac Valley!

    Seriously, who didn’t see this coming? It’s pretty obvious that if the way to win loot bags is to take keeps as fast as you can, so that more and more players can Gold bags. Then your damn well going to have players doing their best to farm for gold bags!

    The only time an enemy might push back the attackers is if they run out of keeps to farm! By then, the attacker should be on the Capital city. =P

  5. Reward people for defending more… wouldn’t that make people anxious to get out and defend?

  6. My contrib as a tank has been wonky as of late (it seems). Since the 3 Gold Bag patch (1.04b I believe), and without changing my role in the WB (Champion tank, cause I’m “lower level” than other tanks) I have yet to get above 20th on contrib for the 10 keeps I’ve flipped. It makes me sad :(, but I know I’ll get it eventually (or pass over it) so I’ll keep trying.

  7. […] just wanted to take a moment out of my less-than-busy day to comment on some things that Spinks at Book of Grudges has pointed out for us. RvR gear progression is poor. People are trading keeps to maximize loot, […]

  8. Wards.

    Quite possibly a worse gear treadmill than anything WoW has ever seen since the transition from MC to BWL.

    And given that you need gear from keeps to complete the set, I am NOT surprised this is happening. Not only will it keep happening, IT. WILL. SPREAD.

    At least until Mythic realizes how dumb it is to:

    1: Practically require VERY SPECIFIC loot to maximize encounter success


    2: Stick pieces of that VERY SPECIFIC LOOT….. on KEEP LORDS.

    Really Mythic? You didn’t see this coming?

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