My issues with dungeons (so far)

Ok, this is solely based on Gunbad and Bastion Stair which we’re currently half-heartedly working our way through.

Why half-heartedly? Well.. for a few reasons The first wing is almost too straightforward, easy to clear – the boss, wasn’t too bad once we got his schtick (not too hard to grasp!). The second wing, is more tricky – but has some nice little fights in. And I’ve not yet been to the third wing.

The problem? Well, it’s all well and good to have a public dungeon where I can take a warband of guild or alliance mates and crush evil wherever I see it. But, once we get to that instanced boss, we suddenly have to work on making balanced 6-man groups, leaving people out, feeling guilty/bad if one group does it and another doesn’t – and anyone who does it gets a 24-hr lockout. And the game doesn’t detect the 6 (or less) classes taking part and cleverly drop sensible loot for those classes – nope, it’s so far mostly dropped stuff for any class NOT in the group (often one in the other group, who then get different loot). I hate that a fast-paced dungeon romp comes to a crashing halt as bureacracy kicks in.

The only solution we’ve found so far – go as a 6-man group only. But that means I can’t just openly ask guild and alliance if they want to come along – everyone gets influence for the PQs, for example. Each group can tap mobs needed for quests and get some xp that way. But the bosses – it grinds to a halt and then there’s an aura of awkwardness.

And the 24-hr lockout. While I don’t disagree in principle to it (I think it was 30 mins for Gunbad, unless that’s changed), it means that some people are literally going EVERY night for a chance for their loot. I can’t and won’t do that, it’s no fun and it’s no xp after the first tranche of quests are completed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like public dungeons. I like being able to randomly decide I want a break from questing, scenarios and open RvR and that I have an option that can potentially offer me some great rewards. And both Gunbad and Bastion Stair are very atmospherically and graphically pleasing. Gunbad inhabited by Night Goblins, and Bastion Stair dedicated to Khorne with lots of skulls, blood and fire. So I like the occasional trip – they just always seem to leave me feeling a bit down.

Also, the lag caused by the pretty fires in Bastion Stair. Not fun!

I’m hoping people will answer with lots of things they love about the dungeons… so over to you.

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  1. I have only done Gunbad once, and when we got to the part where we had to split into groups my jaw just dropped. What a way to kick your players Right In Da Jibblies.

  2. I’ve only seen one of the end wing bosses once, it was one of the Bastion Stair ones. But we had the lower level group and couldn’t kill it.

    I don’t really feel enthused to keep going back there. I guess if I had a more tightknit group I might though.

  3. Why do people need guaranteed loot to instance? Why shouldn’t “not your loot” drop?It common to most all mmo’s and I dont want it changed just so some people can run instances 2-3x and get all their blues…. what’s the point there?

    I think the 6man thing is there because its not setup as a raid boss, thats not what this game is so far.

    Bring 2 strong 6man groups ready to play and profit…

  4. Well, I’ve yet to be in a boss fight in Bastion where it’s dropped loot for ANYONE there. I don’t need it guaranteed, but that’s pretty disheartening!

    That being said, I still go, so it’s not like it puts me off going. I just don’t like having to play ‘pick a person for your group’ is all. Yes, we could optimise, but that’s pretty bleh too.

  5. Well I’m not too interested in the dungeons so far, just because the instanced dungeons aren’t very good, the graphics aren’t too bad, but they are reused quite often.
    There is only one way to go in the dungeon occaisionally with a couple of corridors splitting off it but it just feels so linear, the fights don’t seem challenging until they overwhelm you, then its just a huge slog through a barrel load of hit points.
    The other problem is that the mobs seem all the same, they seem to be stuck in auto attack mode or you don’t get a very good mix of mobs in a pull, its just a heavy hitter and erm another heavy hitter.

  6. I’m just getting into range for Bastion Stair, I’d like to pop along for the wings if nothing else, but if it’s much like Gunbad I’m not exactly desperate. Gunbad was just pretty… meh, really, not awful, but didn’t seem much more than a few Public Quests strung together in a vaguely cave-y setting. Still, it mixes things up at least as a break from RvR now and again, change is as good as a rest and all that.

  7. Zoso, if you thought Gunbad was meh, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for Bastion Stair.

  8. One thing that makes the dugeons more worthwhile is running it in a 6 man team. It makes a hell of a lot of difference to me, and you actually feel like you are doing something rather than adding to the group damage on a mob.

  9. Doing the instances in a warband spoils them in my opinion, just like doing UBRS in WoW with 15 men ruined that. They’re much better in a single group and offer a reasonable challenge with some decently scripted bosses.

    I do want more interesting trash mobs like we had in one of the sewer sections though, rat ogres that ignored the aggro list when commanded by their handlers or the spawning ghosts made them interesting.

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