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Leipzig has been cancelled (the games convention, not the city), wonder if Cologne will take its place. I read it here first.

Pester Flimgoblin, starting his blogging career at War of Alts. He found us at Games Day!

Pwnsan has put up a ton of unlock guides, for how to get those nifty pocket items. Nice work… I’ll have to decide what I want and go for it.

Word of Shadow talks about the idea of a joint account. It’s not 100% new to the table, but I think it’s an awesome idea and that companies really need to work on some of their subscription models. Why not have joint accounts? Then my husband might be tempted to play MMOs again for lesser expense.

Wide Eyed Newb makes an important point. If you enjoy a blog post, comment on it. It really perks us up if we get comments, and that goes for all bloggers!

Over at Player vs Developer, you can join in a discussion about whether the free content coming to WAR is really an expansion. I agree that it really isn’t, it’s just extra content, a la many other MMOs. Common Sense Gamer also quite sensibly points out that the two MDPS classes were taken out of the game to get it released in time, adding them back doesn’t really count as adding new conent, but in restoring it. I’d like to add LotRO to the games discussed as a game that has had frequent content added but in knowing what an expansion really is with Mines of Moria! That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to the Land of the Dead and Slayers though.

The sky is falling! No, Mark Jacobs announces official forums. And there’s a CS grab bag, and there’s some news on 1.1.1

/random has alerted me to the coolest Valentine’s cards, via geekadelphia and Hawty McBloggy.

Oh, and go watch the Bloodbowl trailers!

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  1. OMG! A Bloodbowl game! I’ve been playing tabletop and FUMBBL through the Java game for years! What haven’t I heard about this before? Thank you!

  2. Turbine has added a lot of content via its patches, I would say they are one of the best of the major games. The only catch is that it was very hard to find enough quests to level in the 30’s and 40’s when the game came out. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to cancel my LOTRO subscription when I hit level 39 or so and come back at the first anniversary when they added the last of the level content for the 40’s. My memories of the game have been colored by the hundreds of Angmar lizards I farmed for exp in the late 40’s because I was all out of quests.

    I will definitely buy and play Moria, I’m just giving Turbine a few months to add patches so it can put its best foot forward. 🙂

  3. Thank you muchly for the link. And Leipzig cancelled? But it was always so good.

  4. The slayer wasn’t in the game before though – we were slated to get the (rather dull) Hammerer… by that rationale isn’t the Death Knight just restoring content?

    The “expansion” moniker isn’t unreasonable IMO – maybe stretching the truth a bit – but they are adding an entire new zone + big dungeon (if it’s anything like the size of DF it’s quite a sizeable update).

    Just calling it a “patch” would be more unfair I feel – especially since ‘patch’ means fixing stuff.

    It’s not nearly the scale of something like Lich King or Trials of Atlantis obviously – ‘content update’ would probably be the most accurate term but that sounds horribly dull 😉

    They’re expanding the game world – ‘expansion’ is technically OK… 😉 heck if the evil marketing gets more people to try it out I’m all for it.

    Pff, with comments these long you’d think I’d start blogging somewhere or something… oh! erm… ta for the mention 🙂 it remains to be seen whether I can post anything other than a ‘hello’ post though 😉

  5. ps. oooh bloodbowl! I wish I’d spent a bit more time at Gamesday trying to get to play that… but had other things to do.

  6. @Green Armadillo – Angmar got one of the earliest revamps because it was a bit mind-numbing (and when I say a bit, I mean a lot)!

    @Flimgoblin – I agree with your points too, but I do think it’s somewhere between content update and expansion, and the slayer/hammerer thing was only cos they say they couldn’t make the hammerer interesting. To players it’s really restoring two MDPS classes that should have been in at the launch of the game. But don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about it regardless of terminology, I just do tend to agree that Mythic are very good at spin. Think of the whole ‘bears, bears, bears’ thing, which sounded awesome but ended up as kind of lame kill collectors!

    @Lupercal, et al. The same person who introduced me to WAR made me go watch Bloodbowl trailers, so you really have him to thank!

  7. If they’d put in an item reward for each kill collector (rather than the occasional tome reward) and a way to see how many you still needed to get it then it would have been pretty cool…

    As it is they’re a nice excuse to go massacre bears (or whatever ;)) but not nearly as cool (or as prevalent) as Paul made them sound 😦

  8. @Flimgoblin: The hero class Blizzard delivered is nothing like what was originally promised, no question about it, and I wish they’d used a different name for it. I think they only reason they did decide to call it a hero was as an excuse to skip players of the new class past the pre-58 content Blizzard wasn’t prepared to spend the time to revise. Players are unhappy enough with having to pay 50G for talent respecs, the original vision for evolving existing classes into new hero classes (based on a class choice many of us made four years ago) would never have worked.

    As to “adding an entire new zone + big dungeon” over the course of several content patches, Blizzard did that when they added the Silithus zone along with a pair of massive raid zones and the AQ invasion event. The game certainly expanded, but I don’t think of it as an expansion.

    Yeah, Angmar at release was genuinely awful. Like I said, my mistake was attempting to push on into the 40’s as pre-maturely as the October after the game’s launch April/May-ish. Something is in pretty bad shape when the devs are prepared to post an official dev diary about how bad it was on the official site sometime circa December. By that time I’d burned out on grinding and canceled.

  9. Green Armadillo: I had a similar reaction to Angmar first time round in LOTRO.

  10. I never minded original Angmar. Maybe the mobs were a clustered a little densely, but it was meant to be a dangerous place. Plenty of content there also, though the quest progression is a lot friendlier post-revamp.

  11. […] I was going to give a bit of an update of what happened in Warblogland but BoK has already done a very nice overview post. […]

  12. Curious where you found the Blood Bowl-Link…

  13. @Yitu – a friend of mine pinged me with it over teamspeak the other day because he’s unbelievably excited about the game and has been following it

  14. fyi in the European version of the newsletter (http://war-europe.com/#/lastnewsletter/?lang=en&month=2008-01) we gave a heads up about the meeting in March. Cya all there 😉

  15. yay, thanks Nic. I couldn’t get it to work at all.

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