May Newsletter : white lion, crafting, spiky stuff and more

The May Newsletter turned up in my mail (and in everyone else’s I guess) this morning, and although it’s not officially linked yet, the WHA chaps have done some delving around.

White Lion

Overview: Dragonwake – another high elf zone. no pictures of dragons, sadly

Scenarios 101, part 5 – couple of dwarf v greenskin scenarios/battlegrounds. The level range in both is given as 23-40 (23 seems arbitrary to me but what do I know?) and they both are 12 v 12.

Mark Jacobs video blogs about crafting

Now this is the fun stuff for me. He goes through all the crafting skills, and explains where they see them at the moment. The word fun gets mentioned a lot, and so does recipe-less crafting, and not needing to grind useless items to level crafting.

Basics are:

4 gathering skills (magical salvage, butchery, scavenging, cultivation), 2 crafting skills (apothecary, talisman making). Everyone gets to pick one gathering and one craft skill. Because there are no recipes involved, you get to experiment. When you make a potion or a talisman, your vessel has 4 slots for ingredients. You can get super lucky and have something very exciting happen. Or you can be unlucky and the item won’t work — but if that happens, you don’t lose the ingredients.

Cultivation sounds by far the most involved of the gathering skills. You need to aquire seeds/spores, then there’s a 3 stage growing process where you add various things. The other gathering skills sound more straightforwards and I’m assuming you’ll want access to all of them through friends or guildies or maybe an auction house, to do any of the crafting.

It is a bit odd that I may end up with a dwarf engineer who can’t make … engineering stuff. Magical talismans doesn’t really sound right. But I love the general idea of experimenting.

witch elf

Career Update: Witch Elf

More information about their skills and masteries. Note the spiky thigh-highs with stilettos. She doesn’t seem to have a matching bra though, boo to that.

Concept Art for Dark Elf and Dwarf Mounts

The elves get giant two legged lizards, dwarfs get personal gyrocopters which look fun in the pictures. There is a note in the concept art about being able to display guild emblems on the mount which I like quite a lot.

dwarf with wings

Paul’s Video Blog

Rather dull grab bag about the chaos city

And some awesome fan art! There is some fan fic also which I’ll read later πŸ˜›

5 Responses

  1. I actually got the newsletter this month, which kind of makes up for the fact I didn’t get into the beta. Boo.

    Also, on Freddys someone is saying that will send out beta codes 31st May. We’ll see

  2. well after reading the newsletter I can agree totally that most female players will try a White Lion because of the white lion (war lion) pet. For some reason female players get their jollies from pets πŸ˜‰

    I think they just like having someone to boss around πŸ˜‰

  3. I think the artwork, description and the idea of having a war lion close by will appeal to a lot of guys too though, I did see quite a few erstwhile Chaos types saying this could make them switch sides (if I personally had to choose a pet class in WAR, it’d be the squig herder – a lion is a bit noble for me!)

    As Spinks said before though, it does look like Order will be getting the lion’s share (geddit?) of female players..

  4. One day some smart game designer will make a healing/support class with a pet and every female player in the universe will play it!

  5. Only two crafting professions is a bit stingy. I hope they announce a couple more before release.

    The White Lion does indeed sound very cool, and I now have even less of an idea about which class to make as my main. I think I’ll take another look at the skill lists on the beta leaks forum. The White Lion isn’t playable yet, but they can’t be a million miles away from some of the other melee DPS classes…

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