Onto dwarfs!

We’ve had Gamespy give us some overview of their gametime, we’ve had Massively telling us about elves vs dark elves, now we have Ten Ton Hammer weighing in on the dwarfs vs greenskins, starting with an overview of the Engineer class.

I think I’ve spied the marketing plan here! Have a different site report on different aspects – and how better to do that than with some handy ‘get out of NDA free’ cards. I think it’s well-planned, and works quite well. So who gets Empire vs Chaos? We’ll see.

Of course, all the bloggers and forums will be full of much more meaty reports once the NDA is lifted, but think of these more as tasters that give you a little more info than you got before.

4 Responses

  1. Anyone want to post the whole story, stupid filter at work prevents me from getting to TenTon and it blocks all proxys too =(

  2. […] Some News on the Engineer Jump to Comments Thanks for BoG for posting this. […]

  3. While it’s strange that sites get around the NDA, it’s even more strange that what they come up with is pretty thin. You could almost think that Mythic has to filter every article /conspiracy

  4. Yes, it seems more like it’s been lifted from a strategy guide introduction than someone’s actual thoughts. I liked the Gamespy reports best so far, and at least TTH one looked like they’d played the char.

    But am really relying on bloggers and forumites to provide the best overviews and guides – when the NDA has been lifted. For now, the overviews out there are helping keep the buzz up around the game, and hopefully reaching out to people who’ve not read quite so much about it all as we have. And for that, I forgive them their basics!

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