Altdorf falls on Averheim (US)

Apparently there was alarm clock style organisation involved. Congrats to Destruction on that server, they say controlling Altdorf took a 5 hour effort. Not sure if the new higher level NPC fixes are in yet though.

Here’s a thread about it.

The big question for us is when someone will take The Inevitable City. Can’t make any predictions, but Order is looking pretty strong on our server so who knows?

NB. I don’t personally consider 7am Sunday to be an alarm clock raid because I’d normally be up and online at that time. I think it’s way more civilised than 2am.

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  1. Had I known this was going on I’d have hopped on Ardua and seen if any CoW’s were about.

    Also they said they /started/ at 7am EST and didnt get to Altdorf till 10pm est. Followed by a five hour fight.

    So either a) they fought for 20 hours to capture up to the fortresses, unlock altdorf and then the five hour battle for control.
    Or b) he meant 10am EST. I think it’s b).

    I think I was asleep sadly, even with my 5 hour lead 😛

  2. (Sorry fought for 18 hours and then the five hour battle. Early morning math fail)

  3. I’m still confused by the whole thing. Most of all, as a player NOT involved in the capture I felt miles removed from the whole thing. It’s like it was happening on another server.

    Not really all that impressed about the … involvability of the whole city siege thing. As far as I can tell it’s a giant raid for some and a mild inconvenience for everyone else. Hrmph.

  4. That’s funny! That is *my* server (I play Order), but I haven’t been able to login and play since last Thursday so I guess I missed all of the fun. 😦

  5. Well, considering that 7 a.m. EST is 4 a.m. PST, a time plenty of us play in, I’d call that an alarm clock raid.

  6. Graktar, the EST guys probably wouldn’t be too thrilled if you started a raid at 9pm your time either. Sometimes you just have to live with the time difference.

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