Question Time

It may not have escaped the notice of regular readers here that I’m off to Dublin to meet up with GOA, Ardua from Echoes of Nonsense and hopefully a bevvy of WAR fans on March 9th. Ardua has put up some excellent travel info about getting to Dublin on the page I linked to, so check it out if you fancy a trip (for the record, it’s only costing me £20 on Ryanair for the overnight trip from Newcastle!).

The pub chosen for the WAR fan get-together is the Bull and Castle and though we haven’t hammered out exact times yet, it’ll be after work until we get sleepy!

But what I need from you all now – is some questions for GOA? Magnus and Nic have been good enough to offer us some time to interview them and chat with them, and I know people out there will come up with a bunch more questions that me, Spinks and Ardua can think up. So let people know, drop a comment in here and leave us some questions, I promise to try and ask them ALL, but can’t promise they’ll all get answered.

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  1. Here’s a question: when are they going to make a good website instead of the crap we have now?

  2. Where are the horse trousers??/? I scoured the 1.2 patch notes, but there must be some error ‘cos they’re not there.

    Speaking of the 1.2 notes, could you ask them nicely to include:
    “Witch Elves – will no longer be able to damage targets at all. Additionally, coming out of stealth will now instantly kill the Witch Elf and grant 500 bonus renown to all Order players in the zone.”

  3. Zoso: they did say something about new mounts. Maybe there will be special guild-only horse trousers

  4. Are they going to redesign keeps and fortresses?
    Including multiple entries, destructable walls, seige machines that launch people over the walls.

    Will a 3rd side ever be introduced into the WAR?

    How long till new classes, aside from reintroduced ones, are put into the game?

    What is the projected lifetime of this game?

    Why is it that destruction have all the aoe CC on their melee classes, while order are left with it on their ranged classes. WE vs WH, Mara vs WL, DoK vs WP, all as far as I’m aware have aoe disable/knockdown where the order varient doesn’t.
    We have BW vs Sorc, where I think we have the advantage in CC /rant.

  5. IIRC, there were two or three missing characters of the Night of Murder riddle. Which blogs were supposed to get the those letters?:)

  6. How many zombie goblins does it take to break a ram pad outside of a Dark Ikea Keep?

    What is the time delay in milliseconds between a Fortress Lord’s first melee swing and trolls whining on forums?

    How many High Elf sacrifices does it take to change a light bulb?

  7. I don’t have any questions for GOA, but I bet you’re gonna have a good time.

  8. I want to go to Ireland…and drink…alot…..really.

    Oh my question. How do Chosen go to the bathroom, if their armor is fused to their body like the lore says.

  9. It’s Malikeath not Dark Ikea!

    Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it over 😦

  10. Awew @Flim, but maybe for London…

    Interesting bunch o’ questions, keep them coming!

  11. Just remeber guys, the questions are to GOA not Mythic so there will be afew things they dont know off the top of their head!

    Also, you live in Newcastle?! No way, so do I! I live just north in ponteland! Such a small world.

  12. Arb always makes me use mah brainmeats.

    I was far more content at Games Day letting Spinks think while I danced.

    Still, questions are always welcome!

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