A week in IM chats

Starting what might become a regular insight into our lives and conversations, I bring you a summary of some of our IM chats over the past couple of weeks. It’s only from two separate days, so hopefully in the future there will be more diversity!

(6:16:32 AM) Spinks: btw, can you talk to tupp when you come down and explain that pillows are not for cats
(6:16:46 AM) Arbitrary: but but.. they are!
(6:17:02 AM) Spinks: bad influence!

(6:36:36 AM) Spinks: yeah, you saw my draft?
(6:37:09 AM) Arbitrary: I saw there WAS a draft ;p

(7:02:16 AM) Arbitrary: might have to make level 31 chars, strip them and screenshot their breasts. For sunday, ofc.
(7:03:37 AM) Spinks: I have a screenie of my level 1 engineer with herΒ bodice if that helps
(7:04:23 AM) Arbitrary: I have that one I think, but if I do 1 at level 1 – I need to do them all at that :-/
(7:06:26 AM) Spinks: depends if you want to do a proper comparison or just ‘hey, look at these boobs!’ πŸ™‚

(7:49:23 AM) Arbitrary: what should I have as a header for Wardb?
(7:49:55 AM) Arbitrary: i have ‘useful stuff’
(7:49:55 AM) Spinks: Um, maybe tools?
(7:50:00 AM) Arbitrary: ah, that’s better ;p

(8:17:37 AM) Spinks: Can you check mamma mia post?
(8:21:58 AM) Arbitrary: I just wonder if the title fully suits it
(8:22:59 AM) Arbitrary: From ABBA to WAR?
(8:23:06 AM) Spinks: Haha, I like that one
(8:23:17 AM) Arbitrary: I feel bad picking on the title, tbh πŸ™‚
(8:23:50 AM) Arbitrary: *goes back to screenshotting breasts*

(9:38:18 AM) Arbitrary: Ha ha, I was originally going to call it ‘final days of freedom’ πŸ™‚ You were just pondering the trez vs freebies ;p
(9:39:16 AM) Hawley: I thought that was a lovely point to raise. I am still wondering which is better. The warm glow of epixxx, or the warming sensation in my tummy that only a blagged t-shirt can provide…
(9:39:42 AM) Arbitrary: best would be a FREE bit of trez, ofc
(9:39:56 AM) Hawley: Or a Trez T-shirt?
(9:40:29 AM) Arbitrary: I would love a T-shirt that said ‘Broken armour, repairs into the following item – 1 T -shirt’

(10:07:47 AM) Hawley: I worked there for three years on commute, so it’s not a bad place, and not scary.
(10:08:01 AM) Arbitrary: not TOO scary πŸ™‚ Everywhere is scary
(10:08:59 AM) Hawley: Nah, as long as you know where *not* to go…
(10:09:16 AM) Arbitrary: out the house!

(6:25:51 AM) Arbitrary: I didn’t even look at macros in WAR. I guess I will. Oh, you’ll be amused.. I found a thread whining that AM’s were better healers than RPs πŸ™‚
(6:26:16 AM) Arbitrary: Have therefore decided all number crunching is horrible and players whine a lot!
(6:26:26 AM) Spinks: I really think no one honestly knows. But everyone feels a bit defensive.
(6:26:40 AM) Arbitrary: yeah, I can see why, but there’s so many variables with tactics and masteries
(6:26:41 AM) Spinks: So much whining that RPs do more damage though. But all based on theory.

(6:30:46 AM) Spinks: One of the big difficulties with comparisons is figuring out how to work the mechanic in too.
(6:31:07 AM) Spinks: I do think that AM damage isn’t really high enough. The dps tree felt like the most useless to me.
(6:31:12 AM) Arbitrary: yeah, I just don’t like the comparisons. To me the only thing we need to know about a healing class is – can they solo heal a group

(7:14:23 AM) Arbitrary: Larky licking my toast plate. No food on it, she just wanted to lick it
(7:14:41 AM) Spinks: tupp sulking cos of not being fed yet
(7:15:32 AM) Arbitrary: she just attacked Paul Barnett and won
(7:15:37 AM) Spinks: Awww

(9:32:34 AM) Arbitrary: why do people even have to consider ‘hardest/easiest classes to play’ – just the thread title depresses me
(9:33:19 AM) Arbitrary: yay RP is easy apparently πŸ™‚
(9:33:25 AM) Spinks: :p
(9:33:55 AM) Spinks: Actually, I think I prefer that to ‘which is the best healer’. Cos if you have a friend or partner who wants to play you might want to know which the easier classes are
(9:34:12 AM) Spinks: (And as we all know, the best healer is the one who actually heals you !)

(9:36:10 AM) Arbitrary: Well, just read a thread that said AM and RP are best together πŸ™‚
(9:36:23 AM) Spinks: works for me

(10:06:13 AM) Arbitrary: cappucino twix. YUM!
(10:06:39 AM) Spinks: oo, sounds nice!

(10:36:33 AM) Spinks: http://www.consupport.com/genconuk2008/eagleheights.asp
(10:36:47 AM) Spinks: is it bad if I want my photo taken with a bird of prey?
(10:36:59 AM) Arbitrary: No!
(10:37:07 AM) Arbitrary: it’s imperative
(10:37:18 AM) Spinks: Thats the best thing EVER! I love falcons, but will need a camera

(10:52:50 AM) Arbitrary: husband watching vids on how to make a jetpack!
(10:53:33 AM) Spinks: woah
(10:54:13 AM) Arbitrary: I worry sometimes
(10:54:43 AM) Spinks: Worry when he starts testing a cat size version
(10:56:23 AM) Arbitrary: ha ha
(10:56:40 AM) Arbitrary: I’m so copying this conversation

10 Responses

  1. The Catateer!

  2. *hides her cats*

  3. Oh my, a window into the madness!

  4. ah how lucky it is I don’t record teamspeak πŸ™‚

  5. If I were Paul Barnett I might worry about this one: ” Arbitrary: she just attacked Paul Barnett and won” — assuming that the actual Paul Barnett wasn’t over for tea….

  6. PS – Did you get your picture taken with a falcon? That sounds SO cool!

  7. ha ha, it’s in reference to my dress-your-own Paul Barnett which is attached to my wi-fi aerial – the ‘kitten’ knocked it completely off my computer

  8. Didn’t actually have my picture taken with one of the birds of prey because there were queues and all.

    But we saw the display and it was great. They brought a Harris Hawk, a Bald Eagle, a Tawny Eagle, and a Barn Owl (yay for native UK birds!). There was a vulture also but I can’t remember the breed. Beautiful birds, and we were able to talk to the guys who look after them for awhile.

  9. Wotcha everyone,

    You should have said – A mate of mine has a Harris Hawk, and another scary peck-your-eyes-out buzzard/bird thingy that might also be a Harris Hawk… He is most definately *the* most entertaining pet owner I know (he also has ferrets, and a few other strange beasts).

    The birds a very pretty, and insanely well trained. And they terrify the bejeezus out of me. There’s something about looking in their eyes that makes me think I’m a small but tasty rodent…


  10. Archmage’s basic nuke/dot are a bit naff as of beta 3.3 which is why all the whining about RPs I guess.

    (can fully spec into Asuryan and still do more damage with your Vaul-line DoT than your Asuryan one…)

    It’s important to a Smite Cleric^H^H^H^H^H^H Asuryan Archmages that their damage spells do more than tickle πŸ˜‰ (I only ever used those funny healing spells to build up High Magic πŸ˜€ )

    But I totally agree that number crunching kills the game… wish I could stop myself from doing it πŸ˜‰

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